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Tsipras assures USA that SYRIZA would keep Greece in the eurozone

Alexis Tsipras wants to keep the euro but on Greece’s terms and certainly he does not plan to tear apart the loan agreement. This is what the leader of main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA told an audience at Brookings Institute in Washington on Tuesday. A day later he met with officials at the US State Department, but so far not official statements were made.

Tsipras outlines SYRIZA’s strategy at Brookings Institution

“Is there anything to fear by the left wing in Greece? In what way are we radical?,” visiting leader of the main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Alexis Tsipras asked an audience at Brookings Institution, Washington, on Tuesday. And he answered: “Scaremongers will tell you that our party, if it comes to government, will scrap the loan agreement with the European Union and the IMF, will lead the country out of the euro zone, will interrupt Greece’s ties with the civilized West, and that Greece will become a new North Korea.”

According to AMNA, Tsipras’ speech was preceded by introductory remarks by Brookings Institution managing director William Antholis, while the discussion with questions from the audience was coordinated by Brookings’ economic analyst Domenico Lombardi.

The event was attended by a number of ambassadors, including Greece’s Christos Panagopoulos and Cyprus’ Pavlos Anastasiadis, as well as by academics, analysts and journalists.

“When I was little,” Tsipras said, “I remember my elders telling me that if America grabs a cold, Greece will get ill with pneumonia. Today, I hear that some of your politicians warn the U.S. government to listen to them if you do not want to be…Greece. One thing is clear: our countries can be very different in size and structure. We also know that there are shadows and problems of the past that we want to overcome. But there are strong ties which in a globalized landscape are becoming stronger. Because our own destruction affects you as well.”

Presenting SYRIZA’s positions for the future, Tsipras stressed that his party wanted to establish a mutually beneficial dialogue with progressive thinkers in the U.S. “We have to prove that humanity has become wiser by the destruction that has been through.”

SYRIZA, he stressed, has always been and will always remain a European party. “I hope to convince you that I΄m not as dangerous as some are trying to say.., Let me say this clearly: SYRIZA will keep Greece in the euro zone.” (amna via capital.gr)

Commenting on IMF’s intervention that SYRIZA’s win in elections would be hazardous for the debt-ridden country, Tsipras said, it’s not duty of the IMF to intermingle in the political affairs of a country.

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  1. I was actually impressed with the fact that he was very polite and almost charming (did I say charming LOL).

    But, I was disappointed that he did not really address the journalist’s question regarding Foreign tourists concerns about whether their holiday plans would be safe to visit due to strikes. He just rambled on about the workers. Ok, great soundbyte for the voting base, but not the spending base.

  2. giaourti giaourtaki

    He should visit the real president of America – Leonard Peltier – in his prison cell and then ask for visum to visit America in reservation camps. That would piss the illegal states of A totally off and brings worldwide pop plus a lot of votes.

    • @giaourti: Actually giaourti, Leonard is a convicted murderer of Police, so doubt he will be President of anything maybe except his cellblock.

      But, as I told you and you never answer me, what about Zardoz with Sean Connery? Did you see this movie? It’s a great movie from 1974 and reminds me of the topic of many of your posts. Please see this and let me know if you like it. It’s about apolyptic (?) society and how one man tries to save it all.

      • giaourti giaourtaki

        By supporting this system Tsipras shows the rascist face of the European Ubermensch. A system that sends old Injun men a month into prison hell for disrespecting the “judge” by not speaking English with their oppressors!
        Sorry, I can’t remember any movies except from Themroq. Police? What police? European occupation forces just like the Turks for 400 years but also stealing Iroques democracy for their imperialist “Revolution”, stealing their turkeys and as thanksgiving send them along the track of tears to the camps! If USA is legal than Greece must be illegal.
        35 years innocent in jail, with prostate disease, doctors inspection refused, deported to Florida, far away from his family.