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Nikaia: state hospital doctors present the “austerity toilet paper roll”

Everybody who has visited a Greek state hospital or public health facility in the last three years of austerity and expenditure cuts has often stunned about the shortages. A friend for example told me, that there was not paper to clean himself from the gel after a heart triplex examination.

Now state hospital doctors bring up another delicate issue: that of toilet papers!

Unionist doctors in Nikaia hospital presented to the media the new Troika paper roll.Troika toilet paper

Scandalous roll: Smaller and rougher

According to doctors’ union Radical Left Cooperation, the hospital management changed the supplier, the quality and even the size of hygiene papers.

Doctors claim the new austerity roll has a width of only 7 cm and not 10 cm – clearly implying that a Greek bottom needs at least 10 cm to avoid the unintended involvement of the fingers.

“The cost of the new paper roll is just 0.13 euro, ” they stated.

Doctors ask whether the Troika representatives Thomsen, Masuch and Morse, or the leaders of coalition government Samaras, Venizelos and Kouvelis can clean themselves such small toilet paper roll.

“Sorry, we can’t!” the doctors complained about austerity and cuts in Greece’s public health in a humorous way.

PS older Greeks remember the times where newspapers were cut into quarters and were hanging next to the toilet.. Nowadays, some Greeks claim that newspapers are still cheaper, due to their double function.



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