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What are the top nine Greek islands? CNN has some proposals…

What does a tourist need when visiting an island for summer holidays? Sea, Sky,  Soil… and a little more. Opportunities for outdoor activities maybe,  good food, nightlife, picturesque surrounding. CNN international picked up its top nine Greek islands, chosen mostly from the Cyclades island group.

“Greece’s 1,400 islands — 230 of them inhabited — are one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful assets,” CNN praises the Greek island land- and seascape and scenery on its website.

Best scenery: Santorini

Best nightlife: Mykonos

Best traditional village life: Naxos

Best kiteboarding and windsurfing: Paros

Best beaches: Milos

Best for nature lovers: Ikaria

Best Robinson Crusoe destination: Koufonisia

Best couples getaway: Folegandros

Best food: Crete

More detailed information on these nine islands on CNN.com

PS I personally would also add Sifnos and Antiparos. But I fully agree: Best food is only in Crete 🙂


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  1. What about Lefkada for best beaches???? Thought it was more famous for its beaches than Milos!
    Also why do they always leave the mainland out? Having lived and visited many islands – I can say with certainty that the mainland has the most beautiful scenery, sunsets and lushness than anywhere else. Zagoria villages are magical and a forgotten part of Greece. Most islands I find barren and colourless.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they leave mainland out because they report about islands. but you’re right. Lefkada beaches are much more beautiful than Milos. They somehow wrongly focused on Cyclades group although Ikaria doesn’t belong to it.

  2. Lesvos comes a close second to Crete for food! I guess it is because they both have farming & fishing areas, so lots of local meat, fish AND vegetables. Maybe the latter is most important for a good choice of dishes and a long history of cooking.

  3. Best island for immigrant to be kept prior to deportation; Samos