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Golden Dawn Intelligence Report: ‘lawbreakers’ became ‘lawmakers’

“Blackmail, protection for night entertainment establishments, illegal carrying of weapons, even women trafficking for the purpose of prostitution”: a thick file containing information about the illegal activities of detained Golden Dawn MP Giorgos Lagos has been allegedly compiled by Greek National Intelligence Service (EYP) and thus before the ‘lawmaker’ was elected in the Greek Parliament on June 2012 elections at the Piraeus II constituency..

According to daily TA NEA that acquired the secret EYP report:

  • The MP was detained several times by police in Athens and Thessaloniki during incidents with GD members.
  • He is described by EYP as a person  “with multifarious actions in the underworld . “
  • The EYP file is dated February 2012, that is before the elections of May and June 2012.
  • However the file landed in the dusty drawers of the authorities.

Nikos Lagos is allegedly the MP responsible for GD “assault squads” operations in broader Piraeus area, including Nikaia and Keratsini, where leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn member Giorgos Poupakias on September 17th 2013. Citing investigation sources, Greek media reported that Lagos and Patelis (head of GD local Nikaia branch) had spoken several times before and after Fyssas’ murder that night. It is believed that Lagos informed GD leader Michaloliakos about the murder.

TA NEA notes on EYP secret report about Lagos:

“It was a common secret that the henchmen of  Golden Dawn were in the “microscope” of National Intelligence and State Security Service during the entire period of their activity since the foundation of the Golden Dawn until they were elected in the Parliament. And that the surveillance of their activities was considered “imposed for security reasons”.

The secret report EYP dated February 2012 and ever since the Ministry of Public Order had shaped a picture about the actions and the network of  Golden Dawn.

However the case was shelved when Golden Dawn became a party of the Greek Parliament, the”accused” became elected MPs and were entitled to police protection.

Reason for the shelving was apparently the reflection whether this mechanism could be used to monitor a party that had entered the parliament.

(Ta NEA via,

Of course, question remains who and why allowed Golden Dawn to become a political party, who and why ignored the EYP warnings. Who and why allowed Lagos to become a candidate for the May 2012 elections when authorities were aware of who he was.


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