Monday , October 3 2022
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Innovative Larissa: Fresh milk from the “ATM”

Residents of Larissa are standing queue in front of an ATM of a different kind. It doesn’t give money, it gives milk! A real innovative idea has been materialized in the city of Larissa in Central Greece. The groundbreaking initiative belongs to the Association of Cow breeders of Thessalia & Pieria. Consumers can purchase fresh pasteurized milk on 24/7 basis and more over even in fairly attractive prices.


“Most of all Fresh”

The fresh milk is not only available in bulk packages. The consumer has the option either to fill milk in a glass or plastic bottle that can be purchased from another machine located next to the vending machine.

As for the prices, 1 liter packed milk costs 0.90 euro, a plastic bottle 0.20 euro, a glass bottle for multiple use 0.50 euro. The cheapest fresh milk in supermarkets is at 1.15 euro for one liter.

The milk ATM is already in practice in Spain and Russia.

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