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UPD Petition: Justice for appalling death of dog crushed in garbage truck in Patras

UPDATE: 76,000 signatures were collected until December 6th 2013. Animal lovers around the world… YOU ROCK!

On November 14, municipality workers in Patras, Greece, mashed a stray dog in a garbage truck, in front of children and their parents of a nearby school. Despite the loud protests and screams of the shocked eye witnesses, the municipality workers proceeded with the automatic machine crushing the poor soul amid tones of garbage.

A local animal welfare filed a law suit against the municipality workers, who were quickly identified and brought to prosecutor who set them free. The mayor of Patras ordered an internal investigation but often cases like this can be delayed or -even worse- be forgotten.

Now there is a petition running to demand justice for the pour dog and his incredible death.

Please sign the following petition to demand justice for the poor soul and thus as soon as possible!

5,000 signatures are needed, the petition runs until 30. November 2013.

Click right here:

Petition for the appalling death of dog crushed in a garbage truck in Patras

or sign directly

Please, sign, share and cross post! Thank you in the name of those who have no voice.

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  1. We stayed in Patras a few years ago and enjoyed it very much..Now I am appaled by the evil crushing to death of the stray dog and I hope the guilty persons will be put to justice.

  2. let’s crush those fuckers in a garbage truck, let them feel the pain