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Find spiritual transquility with Greece’s blessed EU partners

I feel a wonderful peace inside me today. It’s so beautiful, I find it hard to explain or describe it by words. It feels like resting in the arms of the angel, like being touched by the lighthearted flutter of a higher power.  I am about to reach the highest spiritual tranquility level – then I wouldn’t dare to claim I have already reached this level. I feel calm and refreshed like after an hour of yoga in tree position. I see the world in a new light, free of care and agony. Undiscovered perspectives have been disclosed in front of my eyes – the inner eyes included – and i reside in a new land where mountains disappear, and the oceans flow in perfect harmony.

I levitate in the air. Not much, Just 60 cm. But that’s only a start…

I got stroked by this unprecedented condition on Wedensday.

The first divine thrill stroke me in the afternoon when I read the tweet by EU president Jose Manuel Barroso He wrote:

José Manuel Barroso@BarrosoEU 8 Jan I’m aware of the difficulties the Greeks are going through and I really want to pay tribute to them for the courage and dignity. @gr2014eu

Reading such words full of respect for the sacrifices of the Greek people immediately made me feel better. They boosted my lost self-confidence and nearly restored my vanished dignity.

A little later it was EU Council president Herman Van Rompuy, who promised to support me till the end of the crisis.

 “At the same time, we cannot and should not close our eyes to the social and often very personal costs of the crisis,” van Rompuy said in a statement and hailed as “positive and welcome fact that growth is returning to Europe. Exports continue to increase and confidence is slowly but surely returning.”

My dignity was now completely restored and I started dancing to the sound of euro coins tingling in my pockets.

Tired of dancing around I sat down to watch the live stream from Athens Music Hall, where the  Greek EU Presidency stars were offering an magnificent spectacle to the guess of honor from Brussels: the official EU presidents and the EU commissioners.

Maria Farantouri and Manolis Mitsias were signing song of revolution and oppression sung in every mass protest. First quality tunes composed by Theodorakis and Xarchakos for high class poetry of Elytis and Seferis.

Incredible things were heard there with Farantouri and Mitsias singing “sensible sun of justice…”, ” a little longer and we rise up a little higher…”, “Don’t cry, a white day will come for us too…”

No, there were no translation subtitles for the esteemed guests of honor, who probably thought they were hearing love songs only. Songs expressing the love of Greeks to loan agreements and international lenders.

Having spent the night dreaming wonderful dreams, next morning I checked the news on the internet.

My nirvana level reached a new peak and I levitated ten more centimeters above my triste reality. Elmar Brok, German Member of the European Parliament and the current Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs said something I couldn’t believe it was possible to be said:

 “The exit from the tunnel will be so shiny that Greek citizens will see it!”

I immediately put my dark sun glasses in order to avoid blinding by the shine. One day later, with the sun glasses still on, I read German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, -currently on a visit to Athens, telling German ZDF TV:

“We must not create more illusions to the Greeks than the ones they already have”.

BANG! My nirvana state ended abruptly and I fell back to the ground with a sound noise.


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I see my light come shinin’

From the west down to the east

Any day now, any day now

I shall be released


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