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Germany to Greece: Forget WWII reparations & look towards a United Europe

Forget the past and issues like the World War II reparations and look in the future. That was the admonition of Gunther Krichbaum, chairman of European Affairs Committee at the German Federal Parliament, to a delegation of Greek lawmakers consisting of representatives of several political parties. When the Greeks brought on the agenda of the talks the issue of  World War II reparations Germany should pay to Greece, Kirchbaum’s comment was short and to the point, garnished with the famous German arrogance:

“I would ask you to turn towards the future in a united Europe and the challenges we face,” MP Gunther Krichbaum told the Greeks reiterating that  Germany’s position on the issue was clear and already known. That is that all reparations Germany had to pay to Greece for the damages and the atrocities during the WWII and the forced loan taken by the Nazis were settled through international and bilateral agreements.


G. Krichbaum: united we stand

Conservative politician and member of German Chancellor’s party CDU, Krichbaum stressed also that “despite the opposition of German public opinion the German parliament showed solidarity with Greece, convinced that Europe needs them all and that we need to be united.”


Why should the one [reparations] exclude the other[united Europe]? I would even dare say that I would feel much more “united” should Germany let some golden euro jingle in my ears.


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  1. If Germany advise Greece to ‘forget past issues and look to the future’ – that’s great. No need to repay the loans Greece …. THAT’S ALL IN THE PAST !! You can just work on collecting taxes to pay for the current population and don’t worry about all that annoying interest being charged.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      HAHAHA! true! but when Greece tells this to German they will start defining “PAST” with 10,589 different paragraphs