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Albanian inmate who killed security guard found dead in his cell

Inmate Ilya Kareli was found dead in his cells in Nigrita prison just two days after he killed a prison guard. Kareli was apparently alone in his isolation cell that was been monitored with security cameras. He was found dead by a prison guard.

According to, short before midnight, security cameras showed Kareli laying in his bed but feeling rather uneasy “taking deep breaths and his chest moving up and down.”


An investigation is underway, an autopsy is to show the cause of Kareli’s death.

Ilya Kareli, 40, had served 12 years of a 20-year sentence for attempted murder, robbery, drug violations, unlawful entry and forgery.

On March 25th, Kareli had stabbed prison guard Giorgos Tsironis, 46, with a sharp tool he had made from a part of a door frame. Tsironis died immediately.

Kareli told the prosecutor, he attacked Tsironis, “because he was refused leave to see his frail mother.”

Right after the murder, Ilya Kareli was transferred from Malandrino to Nigrita for security reasons.


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