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Baltakos-Gate: Strong reactions from Greek political parties

Fierce are the reactions from Greece’s political parties after the release of a video footage showing the general secretary of Samaras’ coalition government and close aide of the prime minister, Panagiotis Baltakos, having a friendly chat with an MP of extreme-right Golden Dawn.

According to news website, not only he office of PM Samaras but the whole Greek government is in shock as it faces an unprecedented crisis.


Evangelos Venizelos, leader of Samaras’ junior coalition partner PASOK said:

It is unthinkable to have any contacts with the Nazis, the racists, the xenophobic and  those who organize acts of violence and operate like a criminal organization.”

Earlier PASOK had issued a statement demanding Baltakos’ removal from the government position and stressing “there cannot be any right-wing enclave in the governent, undermining the government policy and the coalition framework agreement.


So far, there is no statement issued by the main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA. Alexis Tsipras’ aides told media that “Nea Dimokratia will be hostage of the methods it possibly orchestated.”

SYRIZA MP Papadimoulis tweeted that “ministers Dendias [Public Order] and Athanasioy [Justice] should give explanations to the Parliament.”

In the footage released by Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris, Panagiotis Baltakos allegedly hinted that these two ministers interfered in the judiciary. (See dialogue transcript here.)

Democratic Left

In a statement the party of former coalition government party speaks of a “huge political issue” and points out that

“the talks between Baltakos and Kasidiaris record the behind the scenes moves of Nea Dimokratia officials with the far-right neo-Nazis. The PM kept in this position and for a very long time a political person who challenged with his general attitude the democratic public opinion.

Samaras and the government should immediately give explanations for the political games with Golden Dawn.”

Independent Greeks

Party leader Panos Kammenos demanded the resignation of the government and stressed among others that”the general secretary in fact admits that the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Public Order interfere in the judiciary.”

Kammenos spoke of a “constitutional diversion” and asked “What went wrong? Was any agreement violated and the footage was leaked?”

to be updated with “UPD” if more reactions  come…

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