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Greek Gov’t to hire 14K civil servants after laying-off 14K

Greek government plans to hire some 14,000 civil servants and thus despite the fact that more than 4,000 were laid off last year and more than 15,000 are to be laid-off this year by the orders of the Troika. Crazy? It depends…

According to the governmental recruitment plan obtained by private Mega TV, 13,583 civil servants will he hired in the narrow public sector and 582 will be hired in the broader public sector.

The Finance Ministry will be enriched with 2,139 recruits, the Health Ministry  with 2,000 recruits, the Labor Ministry with 1,493, the Citizen Protection with 1,120 and the Defense Ministry with 1,119 recruits.

According to the plan, the hiring will be based on the ratio “one recruitment for 5 retirements” and “one recruitment for each lay-off.”

The hiring will take place through the recruitment procedure ASEP and will be concluded by end of 2014.

“The government approved the recruitment” Greek media reported.

However I’m not sure whether the Troika will approve the plan as well. Much to my knowledge “the ratio was 1:7” according to Memorandum of Understanding in 2012 – but I may be wrong.

Thousands of civil servants were sent and will be sent home with 75% of their salary and will be laid-off afterwards, according to “mobility scheme” after Troika’s pressure to trim down the Greek public sector.

The leakage of the government recruitment plan comes almost on the day of the official opening of the election period for the EU and municipality elections in May.

Coincidence? Oh wait! It’s the Greek success story and the primary surplus….

PS Guess who would win the elections in a country with 27% unemployment where the state wants to keep the lead as the biggest employer  🙂

I’m afraid,  we will exit the crisis to find nothing has changed in this country when it comes to politics, favoritism and mentality.




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