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Greece EP Elections 2014 – 24% counted: SYR 26.5% ND 23.1% GD 9.3%

The first wave of exit polls has been announced at 7 o’clock Sunday, May 25th 2014. The first wave of exit polls refer to European Parliament Elections and Attica Region.

“The error margin is +/-2,” a pollster said to state NERIT TV.

Live blogging continues below the exit poll results.

As this is a Live Blogging and an ongoing process, refresh the KTG page from time to time.

European Parliament Elections

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at 7 pm Exit polls at 7% by 75% of the questionnaires counted. Exit Polls by 100% see below at 8:33 pm

SYRIZA 26% – 30%

Nea Dimokratia 23% – 27%


Golden Dawn 8% -10%

To Potami 5% – 7%

KKE 5% – 7%

Independent Greeks 3,5% – 5%

Democratic Left 1.5% – 2.5%

LAOS 1.5% -2.5%

Municipality Elections


Boutaris (center-left) 56% -60% (estimated to receive 58%)

Kalafatis (ND) 40% – 44% (estimated to receive 42%)

Regional Elections


Dourou (SYRIZA) 48% – 52%

Sgouros (PASOK+ND) 48% – 52%

Central Macedonia

Tsitsikostas (former ND)

Ioannidis (ND)

source: state NERIT TV

Live Blogging

7:15 pm

Neo-nazi Golden Dawn holds the third position.

Nea Dimocratia says voters do not want change in the government. No official statement so far.
PASOK/ELIA is looks better than during the public opinion polls (5.5%) but yet a defeat for a party that had little less than 13% in June 2012 parliament elections.

Democratif Left – former ND/PASOK government party – seems to be unable to elect an MEP. 3% threshold not passing.

To Potami does not meet its target to hit the third position. It struggles with KKE for the 5th and 6th position.

7:45 pm

First wave of Exit polls to be fine tuned in an hour from now.

First official results expected around 9:30-10:00 pm.

7:45 pm

June 2012 parliamentary elections:

1. ND 29.66%

2. SYRIZA 26.89%

3. PASOK 12.28%




7. KKE 4.50%

8:03 pm 

Nea Dimocratia and PASOK/ELIA  MEP candidates try to downgrade the success of SYRIZA.

“ND would still be the leading party if it was for parliamentary elections,” Niki Tzavela, sx LAOS MEP and MEP candidate with ND said to state NERIT TV.

A PASOK/ELIA MEP candidate – Dretta, I think –  said that almost nothing “has changed in the coalition government balance.”

SYRIZA is cautious to comment as the results are just the first exit polls and thus with 75% of the questionnaires counted.

Fact is that  SYRIZA wins in the EP elections however not as sweeping as it could due to the economic crisis and the austerity measures.

Fact is also that Samaras’ party loses at least 3% when compared to June 2012 and PASOK around 5%.

8:12 pm

Nea Dimocratia officials told state NERIT reporter that “early elections were out of questions.”

PASOK/ELIA say that “the party withstands.”

Prior to EP elections, PASOK leader Venizelos had claimed to withdraw from coalition government should the party receive below 10%. Upcon the strong reactions of ND and his own MPs, Venizelos put his own threshold at 6%.

With rates at the half of those of June 2012 elections, it is still a question though if some of 27 PASOK MPs will continue voting for austerity measures, if they know they may go home when next parliamentary elections take place.

Nea Dimokratia and PASOK hold a very thin majority of 152 seats in a Parliament of 300.

8:15 pm

To Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis had said prior to elections that he would go home should the party receive 5%.

8:28 pm

SYRIZA party officials “if the results confirmed, this would be a historic win, as it would be the first time a left-wing party comes first in Greece.”

8:33 pm

EXIT POLLS with 100% of questionnaires counted

SYRIZA 26% – 28%

Nea Dimokratia 23% – 25%

Golden Dawn 9% -10%


To Potami 6% – 7%

KKE 5.5% – 6.5%

Independent Greeks 3.3% – 4.35%

LAOS 2% – 3%

Democratic Left 1.5% – 2.5%

Other: 10% 12%

8:49 pm

All parties – except Democratic Left – describe the results as “positive” !

9:07 pm

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras: “I told you, the best goals come in the second half”

9:08 pm

Yiannis Moralis won with 59.2% the municipality elections in Piraeus.

His main opponent Vasilis Michaloliakos (ND) said on TV “Folks, we lost!”. he received 40.8%

9:25 pm

Some Democratic Left MPs ask “change of leadership and policies.”

9:30 pm

Party voters who vote other parties than in June 2012

Based on Data from  Exit Polls (source: NERIT)

ND voters voted 9% SYRIZA, 7.5% Golden Dawn

PASOK voters voted 25.5% SYRIZA 6% ND 4% GD 9.5% To Potami

SYRIZA voters voted 2.5% ND 2% GD 5.5% To Potami

9:35 pm

First estimations based on first results by Singular Logic

SYRIZA 26.7%

ND 22.8%

GD 9.3%


To Potami 6.7%

KKE 6%


LAOS 2.8%

Democratic Left 1.3%

(source: state TV NERIT)

9:40 pm

Athens Municipality by 11,06% of the polling stations counted

Kaminis (PASOK +ND) 51.72%

Sakellaridis 48.28%

it looks as if Kaminis will win.

9:48 pm

Thriller in Attica Region by 7.27% counted



9:57 pm

European Parliament elections: by 17.93% of polling stations counted

SYRIZA 26.7%

Nea Dimokratia 22.8% 

Golden Dawn 9.3%


To Potami 6.5%

KKE 5.9%

Independent Greeks 3.4%

LAOS 2.7%

Democratic Left 1.2%

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10:02 pm

Central Macedonia region by 14.1% of polling stations counted

Tzitzikostas (ex ND) 70.8%

Ioannidis (ND) 29.2%

10:26 pm

The thriller continues in Attica region

by 13% of polling stations counted:



10:27 pm

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Foamy surprise for Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis: some one threw a bottle of shampoo or something in the pond of  Syntagma square right in the middle of downtown opposite of the Greek Parliament…

10:31 pm

Εκτίμηση εκλογικού αποτελέσματος: Μεγάλο προβάδισμα του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ με 3,9 μονάδες έναντι της ΝΔ - Τρίτο κόμμα η Χρυσή Αυγή - Εξαφανισμένη η ΔΗΜΑΡ!

In EP elections results remain more or less the same. With 24.71% of the polling stations counted:

Left-wing SYRIZA leads with 3.4% towards Nea Dimokratia.

 SYRIZA 26.5%  Nea Dimokratia 23.13% 

It is the first time a left-wing party wins elections in Greece.

With 9.3% neo-nazi Golden Dawn is third force in the political landscape.

PASOK/ELIA manages to keep face with 8 %.

Newly-established To Potami of ex TV star Stavros Theodorakis is at 6.6% but fails to reach the targeted third position.

Communist KKE is at 6%

With 3.43% nationalists Independent Greeks do not seem happy, while former Samaras’ coalition partner Democratic Left (DIMAR) plunges in just 1.2%

Surprise is the return of nationalist LAOS with 2.7%.

ELIA, Democratic Left and even To Potami speak of a chance to revive the center-left.

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According to first results parties will send to European Parliament:


PASOK 2 To Potami 2 KKE 2

Independent Greeks 1

With these results Live Blogging is over.

Thank you for reading KeepTalkingGreece. The economic crisis is not over.

PS Three cousins of mine voted for To Potami because they consider its leader Stavros Theodorakis “attractive”. *sigh*








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