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Rare Blood Moon + Full Moon + Total Eclipse Oct 8/2014 = Oh dear!

An extraordinary astronomic event will occur and I hope, the sky will not fall on our heads.  A total lunar eclipse will occur on the full moon of October 8th 2014. As if it wasn’t enough, the moon will be 5.3% larger than the full moon of last April, because the eclipse will occur at the point where the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit. The icing on top of this astronomic event is that the moon will be a Rare Red “Blood Moon”.

“During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes deep inside the shadow of our planet, a location that bathes the face of the moon in a coppery light,” according to information from NASA’s website.

Anyway this whole event occurs right on the Hunter’s Moon, that is the first full moon after the harvest moon.

SCIENCE states that the Oct. 8 rare blood moon total lunar eclipse will be visible in the parts of Asia, North and South America. East in Europe and Australia will also be able to witness the event when moon turns from bright to dull red and back again.

The event will last for approximately 61 minutes. According to Universe Today, most parts of North America, the western U.S. and Canada will witness the event in the morning. People from Australia and New Zealand will be able to observe the moon’s transformation in the evening.

Meanwhile, it is said the October’s blood moon is going to be larger than the previous one. Fox 43 states that this is because the astronomical event takes place “right after the perigee.” It is the point where moon is closest to Earth in its orbit. This full moon will reportedly be 5.3 percent larger than the April 15 blood moon. (More Here)

Of course, any astronomic event of such power may affect us and touch our superstition nerve.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moon in Aries

There is a strong pull to go overboard and take a stand even if you are unsure of what is taking place due to the Moon square Pluto at 12:12 AM. Unless you are in an emergency situation it is best to think before going all out where others are concerned who may have a hidden agenda or a circumstance could be more than you can reasonably handle.

Quick thinking and fast action comes from the Moon conjunct Uranus at 5:52 AM, right before the eclipse and so is in the position of occultation when the Moon for a moment blocks Uranus rays. It is sort of a blackout that furthers the impulse to jump and leap without thinking. There is something obscured and unclear. If you feel unsettled or uneasy it is due to this. Take time to relax and meditate with the goal of restoring calmness. (more here)

I suppose the total eclipse will occur while we will be sleeping or howling here in Greece.

red blood moon

PS Stay Home and Keep Calm 😛



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