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SYRIZA MP to go on anti-austerity hunger-strike & join the Syrian refugees

Left-wing SYRIZA MP Yiannis Micheloyiannakis will join the Syrian refugees who are on hunger-strike since a week. The reasons Micheloyiannakis stated for his hunger-strike are mainly anti-austerity and have to do with the voting of Budget 2015 in the Greek Parliament tomorrow, Sunday.

In a statement Micheloyiannakis criticized the budget forecasts and the additional austerity measures proposed by the government to the Troika, the loan agreements and the upcoming credit line, the passive behavior of the Greek government towards Turkish PM Davutoglu’s claim for the “mutual exploitation of the energy resources of Cyprus,” but also the ban on public gatherings during Davutoglu’s visit in Athens..

I fail as a Greek citizen and not as an MP, to understand and consent to the above. So I decided for the above reasons, but also to enable people to make the slogan “Break the SOFAto begin a hunger strike with the Syrians, “said the MP in his statement.

Micheloyiannakis is expected to join the Syrian refugees on hunger-strike at Syntagma Square opposite the Greek Parliament in downtown Athens … today… tomorrow … or whenever…

Full statement with reasons here (in Greek)

PS No idea, why he chose to join the Syrian refugees, when he made no reference to them in his statement.

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