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Polls: SYR 31.2%, ND 27%; shocking 2-digit difference in Athens and Thessaloniki

Left-wing SYRIZA increases its rate towards Nea Dimokratia in a poll conducted across the country and published five days before the elections on Sunday. At the same time, SYRIZA sweeps in Athens and Thessaloniki, the areas with the biggest electorates. The B’ Athens and in both A’ and B’ Thessaloniki SYRIZA leads with two-digit difference to ND.

Poll conducted by RASS for

SYRIZA 31.2%

Nea Dimokratia 27%

To Potami 6.3%

KKE 5.5%

Golden Dawn 4.5%

Independent Greeks 3.1%

To Kinima (Papandreou) 2.2%

Undecided 9.5%

86.2% believe that SYRIZA will win the elections

Poll was conducted 19-20. January nationwide with a sample of 1003 people.

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Polls by Opinion Poll for (Athens A + B, Thessaloniki A + B)

Athens A: SYR – ND difference 7.5%

SYRIZA 33.12% Nea Dimokratia 25.5% KKE 4.08% PASOK 3.8% Golden Dawn 3.66% To Potami 3.29% Independent Greeks 2.49% DemocratitLeft 1.35% To Kinima (Papandreou) 0.23%

Undecided 18.5%

Athens B: SYR – ND difference 14%

SYRIZA 33.18% Nea Dimokratia 19,37% KKE 3.11% Golden Dawn 2.86% IndepGreeks 2.74% PASOK 2.66% To Potami 2.16% To Kinima (Papandreou) 1.30%

Undecided 20.29%

Thessaloniki A:  SYR – ND difference 15.12%

SYRIZA 35.31% Nea Dimokratia 20.19% Golden Dawn 6.11% IndepGreeks 5.83%, PASOK 4.71% KKE 4.45% To Potami 2.43% To Kinima (Papandreou) 0.60%.

Undecided 12.40%

Thessaloniki B: SYR -ND difference 10.24%

SYRIZA 34.15% Nea Dimokratia 23.93% Golden Dawn 6.2.86% IndepGreeks 5.80%, To Potami 3.25% KKE 2.86% PASOK and To Kinima (Papandreou) 0.72%.

Undecided 17.73%

The Opinion Poll was conducted 16-19 January among 1000 people in each electoral area.

According to the poll, the main drawback for Nea Dimokratia is that the voters do not understand the message sent by the party, while for SYRIZA, the message received by the voters is “change”, notes.

PS huh? ND’s fear-mongering strategy failed?


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