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Half of Greeks queue outside banks, other half at petrol stations & supermarkets

Flour, sugar, pasta, rice, milk and canned tomatoes, food items that do not expire soon are been hastily removed from the super-market selves and land into the housewife’s basket. “There was quite some queue at the cash register and people had their baskets full of pasta, sugar and flour,” a friend told me on Monday. Rania made her “Greek crisis arrangements” too, bought in addition “lots of frozen food” and vegetable cans and chocolates for the kids. She had withdrawn a larger amount of money last week, Friday morning, exactly, panicked by the rumors spreading from mouth to ear, from smartphone to land-line, from social media to email. Rania paid the supermarket cash she told me, 70 euro. She rushed to the supermarket Monday morning, despite the fact that she had done the family’s groceries shopping on Saturday. “I got scared that the supermarkets may close, that there will be no food to buy,” the mother of two explained her fears.

greece super markets capital controls1


 Picture by Andreas, shot 5-6 pm Saturday, June 27. in big supermarket outside Athens.

With banks closed as of Monday morning and withdrawals from ATMs limited to €60 per day, half of Greeks seem to queue outside banks and ATMs and the other half outside petrol stations and supermarkets.

greece super markets capital controls2

greece super markets capital controls3

greece super markets capital controls

Supermarkets declared a 20% consumption increase last Saturday, and 15% increase on Monday.

ATMs started to operate again as of Monday afternoon and people orderly lined up to get their daily portion of euro bank notes.

Κλειστές τράπεζες: Τα capital control μπλοκάρουν την μισθοδοσία μεγάλων επιχειρήσεων – Όλες οι συνέπειες του παγώματος της αγοράς

   Pensioners outside a bank branch

At the same time, thousands of elderly took place outside banks awaiting for them to open so that they can withdraw their pensions. Majority of elder pensioners has no debit card, making withdrawing money from ATM impossible.

The branches of the four systemic Greek banks were supposed to open for Pensioners Only today in order to provide with money the vulnerable groups of the society.

However, the older men and women stood queue in vain on Monday. According to latest information, the banks are not expected to be opened before Wednesday or Thursday and in addition the pensioners will not be able to withdraw the whole pension amount. Private Mega TV said that “pensioners will be allowed to withdraw accumulative the daily €60-limit, that is €180 if banks open on Wednesday and €240 if open on Thursday.”

Further clarifications are due because the bank holiday may end on July 7th, but the capital controls are expected to continue. Many pensioners “feed” with their pensions younger family members plagued with unemployment or part-time jobs and salary payment delays.

Τα ΑΤΜ άρχισαν να δίνουν τα 60 ευρώ - Μεγαλώνουν οι ουρές

   People outside banks

Yet there are also people who are not pensioners and have no debit or credit card and they have to be facilitated to withdraw money during the bank holiday.

The panic triggered by the banks closure and the capital controls sent also a good portion of Greeks to the petrol stations. “Full tank” – “Pay Cash” was the dialogue often heard between motorists and petrol attendants.

Payments and transactions with credit or debit cards are unlimited, however while customers would love pay non-cash, sellers prefer cash to money that may disappear into closed banks corridors and accounts that allow you to pick up very limited money.

There are several reports that also some supermarkets refused non-cash payments a now a new problem arises: what to do with the thousands of euro bank notes accumulating in businesses cash registers.

The Finance Ministry is reportedly trying to find solutions to this problem too. One of the many problems and growing problems caused by the new situation.

Due to the increased demands on fuel, some petrol stations run dry. The problem is reportedly to be solved by early Monday evening, Greece’s biggest fuel provider ELPE issued a statement assuring of “adequate fuel supplies” and that ELPE Brand stations accept accept credit cards.

With Greeks dried of cash and private financial obligations awaiting to be met, many worry about the immediate future. “I have these arrangements with the tax office, but have no money to pay my tranche, what now?” a friend asked me and another “Should I pay my rent and my utilities bills?” Questions posed again and again by Greeks who experience a never-before situation. “Will I get my pension???” a screaming aunt phoned me as early as 8 o’ clock in the morning. Other worries about the family benefits that were supposed to be on the bank tomorrow, others about their salary from private sector paid via the bank.

Some Greeks seem to worry with and others for no reason. According to Greek media, tax offices will not add fines for delayed tranche payments, the Water Company has received orders to not cut water supplies to debtors.

Yet uncertainty and fear are growing. A friend is preparing to send her two children to the grandparents in the village. “It’s better for them there”, she said refraining from further explanation. Another friend “sent” already on Friday his elderly to the village home. “It’s safer for them there, safer than in Athens and they don’t need much money to get along.”

Theft has recently increased, once news “Greeks have been massively withdrawing money” spread though the media. “Greek Police said theft has increased very slightly” the reporter of a Greek broadcaster said Monday noon.

For one and a half month, relatives and friends have been continuously reporting of thieves tricking older people. The Greek Police is said to be on alert, guarding outside banks and ATMS and reportedly will even accompany elderly at home if they manage to withdraw their pensions.

PS The only places with no queues are the tax offices and the Public Power Company branches, I hear.

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  1. Why loans didn’t helped Greece in 1 picture:

  2. Yes have a view on the near tjipras future.
    the lyer in front off all Politicans.
    Also Varovakis, sunnday he told :no bank thinks!!!
    a few hours later, hast ta la Vista!!!!
    we all love our flexible lyers!!!
    what are the newest goverment workers?
    Yes famely members of the new Goverment!
    It is incredeble, they are the same as Papandreou and samaras.
    Got save Greece, in one way or the other!!
    or maybe I shout say Poseidon or Neptun.

    • What sort of Slavic illiterate English is this?

      • if you can not read the text or/and untherstand then I feel sorry about you.

        • I wonder about the agenda of someone who writes like this. Do you live in Greece? Or are you a Balkan troublemaker?

          • what does it matter where he comes from so long as you can (somewhat)understand what he is saying?
            And why is his agenda dependant on where he was born?

          • Greece has its enemies, especially within the Balkans. Why should we put up with malicious trolling, with a different agenda? It has nothing to offer anyone except hatred.
            If he is at least resident in Greece, then I am more tolerant about the freedom of speech idea. Somehow, I doubt that he is.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Greece is not alone!
    -Cyprus’s finance minister says his own bailed-out country could consider writing off 330 million euros ($370 million) in rescue loans to Greece …
    A senior Argentine official defended the Greek prime minister’s idea of holding a referendum next Sunday on austerity measures that its creditors are now demanding in exchange for more bailout money.
    Anibal Fernandez, chief of the Argentine cabinet of ministers, said the long-running Greek crisis was caused by previous austerity measures that the IMF demanded from Athens.
    “Argentina has been in the same boat, he said. The country defaulted on 100 billion dollars in debt in 2001, and in recent years has fought bitterly in the courts with investors who bought up some of that debt at fire-sale prices.
    Fernandez said Greece should keep an eye out for such investors, which the Argentine government likens to predators and calls “vulture funds.”
    Investors “are waiting for things to turn out the exact same way for Greece, so they can start preying on them just as they have with everyone,” Fernandez told a news conference.

    • they are all socialist, they can not handle money

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        All “socialist” systems that aren’t able to leave the money-system are not socialist but state-capitalist, the first two inventions to found capitalism were calendar and clock, the third money

        • Don’t forget double entry bookkeeping too, with its balancing account named as capital account.

      • Yes, the socialists/communists know only to spend money (other people money)… 🙂

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          And who is mass murdering billions for resources?

          • Did you learn this from Marx, Lenin or Engels? Why Greece didn’t use the tons of money received from EU and FMI to save the world instead to buy weapons? 🙂

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Nope, from Fugger, as without stealing silver and gold from America no banks would exist, without stealing American Indian plants like tomato, potato, paprika, corn, beans aso Europe would have starved to death, for all this Marx was too stupid white man and Lenin was just a social-democrat and an imperialist. Trotzky killed the real revolution in Ukraine between 1918 and 1922 and because communists, capitalists, nationalists are lying about this so called Unknown Revolution since 100 years there is war in Donbass; the media-tricks Trotzky played in the new born Prawda back then are the same Junker, Dieselblüm and Schulz play today, no wonder this sort of “reforms” they try they have learnt from Merkel and she got it from Stalin.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            last time I moderate comments connecting Noah flood+ Vasco de Gama+ Homer + Budda

          • Greece was forced to use the money to return it to the Troika, who financed the bankrupt banks of France and Germany. Are you really so ignorant, so stupid, that you believe what you write? if so, I recommend suicide — because you are of no use to the world. The cockroaches in the streets of Athens contribute more than you do.

    • Unless my geography is wrong, Argentina is not in the EU. The financial tests to join the EU were fiddled by the Greek government at the time, although this was known it was accepted by the very people that the Greeks now try to discredit. The Greeks borrowed heavily and now it is time to pay back – but they can’t. It is not the Germans or the French that are at fault here. Only the Greeks. The UK has problems of it’s own – but we pay our debts regularly and have stability. Many Greeks got rich on the back of the Euro without any thought for their brothers and sisters. You reap what you sow.

      • It is your brain that is wrong, more than geography. The whole eurozone was designed to benefit Germany and France, and fuck up southern Europe. This is why Germany and France broke the rules of the eurozone before anyone — no consequences — and turned a blind eye to the dubious accounts of Greece. The greed of the Germans and the arrogance of the French led all of Europe into this mess — Greece has nothing to do with it.

        In the entire history of Europe, the problems have never been caused by Greeks and in the last centuries approaching 100% have been caused by Germans. We do not need to know any more: a country is defined by its history, by its record of behaviour. Germans need to understand that in the ranking of humanity they are right at the bottom — scum.

      • And by the way, as you may be British, the UK does not pay its way in the world. It survives on debt, has a balance of trade as bad as Greece, and is lent money on the basis of following a far right neoliberal agenda that exploits workers and massively undertaxes the rich. The UK is a haven of corruption and worker exploitation, and still cannot balance its budget. Unbelievable.

  4. That is simply how Greece would have looked like before the loans started.

    But of course it was not Greeks fault, the evil foreign people caused the huge deficit.

    It is the pity that the poor have to suffer the most in this crisis. All this could have been easily avoided by reforms and not just the talk about it. Maybe the coin drops and the people that loose so much start to demand justice for their corrupt system.

    So far they all got away by pointing fingers in all directions.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      fact is the creditors did not allow GR to be in situation you see today. they even ousted PM Papandreou when he talked about Referendum in Nov 2011.

      • the old Papandreou was the Problem.
        with his 20 years of socialist rule he fucket the Country!!!

        • More ignorant attacks on Greece? Obviously you are from one of the former Communist Slavic countries. Do you mind if I tell you to fuck off and mind your own business?

          • I feel like you have a lot of rage inside you, thats not healthy brother.

          • You guys just repeat paranoic propaganda about attacks, but you are not able to answer even the most simple questions.
            Did Greeks borrowed too much? a) yes b) no
            Did Greeks cheated about debt statistics? a) yes b) no

            Very difficult questions even for Greek left economists, isn’t it?

          • Hey, did you know there’s big money to be made trolling for the EU on the big newspapers like the Guardian? Our international PR syndicate is looking for new freelancers. Are you interested?
            Unfortunately they require a minimum standard of English but don’t be downhearted. 🙁

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            May be a minority of 500.000 people borrowed money but if it’s too much you must ask the banks, it’s their risk and to cover the risk they get paid interest. The Greek state f.i. has to pay back 200 billion until 2030 and of this 150 billion is interest – funny, isn’t it? – must have been a huge risk.
            As you may know the British Law regarding financial bullshit is much more strict than the average European and as the Anglo-Saxon media write about “cheating” always with a question mark I guess it’s not proven yet; may be German media can prove it or have any witnesses? Let’s ask Snowden, offer him a million or so or an island…
            Anyway your “Jewish conspiracy” must have happened long after joining EU and 3 years after Greece was getting to be a member of a money-club

      • Tsipras was against referendum then (2011). So he was with creditors and against people, no?

  5. In fact I have to thank you for your wonderful site. Thank you.
    You do not need to publish that. I remember a few months ago that you posted that election of tsipras was not a cathastrofe as other greek politicians claimed.

    It was.
    Its incredible how people with so much information like you did not realize tsipras would mean trouble.

    I remember that post of yours since despite the fact of living in portugal and being ignorant I realized tsipras was in colision course with europe and the consequences could be serious.