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MEP Glezos tells ex-bookseller EP Schulz: “I fear the man of one book” in Ancient Greek & Latin (video)

Oldest Member of the European Parliament and veteran left politician Manolis Glezos had a very original idea on Tuesday morning. He sharply criticized the “I-talk-non -stop-and-scare-Greeks” European Parliament President Martin Schulz teaching him a lesson on how democracy works. Glezos addressed Schulz in Ancient Greek and added also a sentence in Latin in hope that Schulz will get an idea of what Glezos’ criticism was about.

Glezos recited an verse from Euripides‘ tragedy “Iketides“/Hiketides ( The Suppliants):

“Πρώτον μεν ήρξω του λόγου ψευδώς, ξένε, ζητών τύραννον ἐνθάδ᾽· οὐ γαρ άρχεται ενός προς ανδρός ἀλλ᾽ ελευθέρα πόλις. Δήμος δ᾽ ἀνάσσει διαδοχαισιν ἐν μέρει ἐνιαυσίαισιν, οὐχὶ τω πλούτῳ διδοὺς τὸ πλείστον ἀλλὰ χὠ πένης έχων ίσον.”

In Euripides’ tragedy, this is the phrase by Athenean king Theseus to the herald sent by Thebes king Creon. The Thebean herald asked to learn who is the tyrant of the city and Theseus replied that question was wrong because there is no tyrant in Athens which is a free city run by the many.

“First of all, stranger, you started with an error when you asked for the tyrant here, this city is not dominated by a man, it is free. Here govern the many who alternate in office year after year,  who do not pay much more in wealth and the poor have the same.”

Glezos’ concluded his Democracy lesson to Martin Schulz adding:

“I chose this verse in ancient Greeks and a quotation in Latin which I belive our President Martin Schulz knows very well: Timeo hominem unius libri.”

Thirteen-century Scholar Thomas Aquinas quote translated: “I fear the man of a single book.” In the sense: “fear” of the opinions of the illiterate man who has “only read a single book.”

It’s certainly not a coincidence of Glezos’ open and subtle criticism to EP President, that before devoting his live to politics, Martin Schulz had started his professional career as “apprentice bookseller”, continued working in various bookshops and publishing houses and was “bookshop proprietor” until 1994.

And as everybody knows selling books does not mean one reads the books he sells.


Rumors that Martin Schulz will reply to Glezos singing epic Song of Nibelungen in Middle High German still awaiting to be confirmed.

PS As Schulz has not replied to Glezos yet, I assume he is searching for the relevant Nibelungen verse.

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  1. Schulz stated East of Eden by John Steinbeck and The Leoparde by Giuseppe Thomasi di Lampedusa as his favourite books.
    “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”

    • keeptalkinggreece

      aaaaai am impressed 🙂

    • A man of TWO books! or 2 movies…?

    • Gerrit Zeilemaker

      “As long as an economic system is not fair, it can not be regarded as successful.” John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        The EU is a pirate state with pirate money as only constitutional states are allowed to print money, before they cut electricity may be Greece should get as many laser-printers running as possible to fill the ATMs with even more duds; the Eurozone is called “Dud-conspiracy”

  2. The single book it’s the Bible. Martin Shultz will rise and say to the wicked old man: Repent, and turn to God! Or you will suffer the Wrath of God and will be punished for eternity!

  3. René Henri Pasche

    Dear Glezos, “Do you mean to say that you can persuade those who won’t listen?” (Polemarchos, in Plato’s, The Republic, Book I, p.327)

  4. Maybe Schulz can give him, and the Syriza party members” a book ‘ Pay your debt, a beginnersguide’ or ” Politeness: a neccesity for succesful negotiations, a beginners guide’. It might help a lot.

    • Or maybe a copy of the 1953 1ondon Debt Conference treaty writing off 6O% of Germany’s debt and tying repayments to profit. WhiIe a1so receiving Marsha11 P1an aid.

      MeanwhiIe we sha11 donate an Emi1y Post Book of Etiquette to the German / Troika mush mouths.

      The question remains though – can any of them READ?

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        As Greece didn’t start a glorious world war it doesn’t earn such noble gestures

  5. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Schulze should read Manolis Glezos book “και ένα μάρκο να ήταν…” before it’s getting too rare to get