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Time for Varoufakis to get over the political ‘divorce’ from Tsipras

Someone is still hurt deep down inside. And he cannot get over it. Word is about the ex Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who was kindly requested to resign from his post after the Referendum in July as he had disagree with PM Tsipras. Yet, the ex FinMin-Super Star of Greece does not miss a chance to shoot his arrows against Alexis Tsipras who was Prime Minister in July and still is in September…

In his latest interview, Yanis Varoufakis revealed that Tsipras and he had agreed to resign if they were forced to a new loan.

“Every day, every month, month in, month out we are talking with Alexis that we would resign if they would force us to accept one more loan, a killer-loan that would bring our economy into its knees, we were thinking to give the keys of the ministries to the opposition and tell them: there, you have signed it, you have accepted it, here are the keys,” Varoufakis told French website Mediapart.

“Ultimately, however, he [Tsipras] did not make that choice,” Varoufakis added.

Varoufakis said also that he understood that as of April 27th and the Riga Summit his own disdained had started.

As for the famous Plan B, the ex FinMin claimed that it was neither dishonest nor criminal but that it was simply a plan that would penalize those who would punish Greece with the closure of the banks.”

Furthermore he criticized French President François Hollande for his presence in the negotiations, saying that “he was there, he was present but did not play any role.”

PS OK, I can fully understand that Varoufakis feels disappointed by Tsipras but he is not alone. Several million Greeks do indeed share the same feelings with Varoufakis however they picked up a different approach. Last Sunday, they reelected Tsipras and gave him a second chance to become again Prime Minister.

I can understand that the end of a relationship represents also the loss of shared dreams and commitments. But it slowly turns rather pathetic…

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  1. This pathetic attempt to explain away dissent as “sour grapes” is a laughable failure. The facts are that Varoufakis kept his word, Tsipras did not. And Tsipras is taking the course world renowned Nibel Laureates in economics specifically warned against.

    • Varoufakis kept his word? Interview with YV on July 4th

      (Paul Mason) You have a proposal that you would sign on the dotted line for?
      (Y. Varoufakis) “Yes, we do.”
      (Paul Mason) Where is it?
      (Y. Varoufakis) “I am not going to tell you. It is somewhere in this building. But before we can sign off on the document on Monday, the Greek people have to empower us to do so.”

      So where is it?

      • somewhere in a building

      • He did say that, or something similar a lot of times when asked about an agreement. Yet there never was an agreement that he actually wanted to sign, if you believe his latest antics.

        Quite strange how fast public perception has changed and for some reasons some regard him as honest, when he lied as much as Tsipras did.

        In the end, both made promises that they could never ever fulfill anyway.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          They’ve taught the Greek society an advanced lesson about the perfect crime called “Democracy” and that no change is possible unless the people bring the regime down on its knees with an undecided General Strike and sabotage the sell-out to the corporate Mafia; it will be such a “fun” to see how fascist police will get motivated by “leftists” to force people back to work by emergency laws leftover from times of the Junta.
          What was also very nice to be seen was the big ugly German smiles regarding their never paid war-debts and a huge frenzy full of lies by the German Goebbels-media who tried to provoke the same Nazis that attack now refugees into anti-Greek pogroms.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        It’s easy to understand, he was believing until they tricked him out. He wrote an article about it, published sept 13th, I’ve no idea if in English somewhere to find, just look for: “Aρθρο του Γ. Βαρουφάκη: Γιατί ηττηθήκαμε”
        But there are enough other interns to find not only from Varoufakis but also from other people that were present in the “negotiations”, where the German and Dutch shell-gamers tricked them out.
        May be it’s time to stop talking to the media about it and publish it in a book so that people can follow the whole setting, the best would be a novel.
        But one thing is for sure and might be the starter, serious news agencies won’t write about 86 billion if it’s only 66, just like they don’t write about 7.2 billion as it were only 5.3.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Several million Greeks? May be several hundreds of thousands as “several” means 2 and more but he received only 1.925.904 million votes, so he lost 320.074 from the 2.245.978 who voted SYRIZA in January 25.
    That means he lost one of seven of his voters he gots now as a bonus to the millions-majority that didn’t vote, all in opposition to the measures and his regime that tortures 13-year old boys in their police stations and holds hunger-striking women in prison because they are married to anarchists.
    And the really funny thing about this police torture was the impact it had on undecided voters.

  3. “ultimately Tsipras did not follow through in the decision to resigne”
    I have changed my mind about Yannis Varoufakis …
    Who know what truths we will discover !