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Greek Migration Minister: “Some European countries asks us not to send them Black Refugees”

Greek Migration Minister made a revelation of important significance about the criteria according to which European Union member states ‘choose’ from a pool of refugees whom they are obliged to accept in the context of “refugees share quotas” agreement.

Speaking to Parapolitika FM, Minister Yannis Mousalas said that 930 refugees currently in Greece are ready to resettle to European countries. However, “so far EU member states have accepted only 200 people thus violating the regulations and the agreements.”

Reasons for these delays are of rather racist nature. The delays are because  “one EU-member asks us to send by no mean black people, another asks us not to send families with more than 5 children, others asks us not to send bachelors and others asks different police controls than approved by the European Union,” Mouzalas said among others.

PS Can you imagine, Greek islanders would rescue refugees and migrants from the cold waters according to criteria of skin color, family status and number of kids?

What to comment on an EU that has got out of control?

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  1. If Minister Yannis Mousalas’ allegations about other EU members are correct, he ought to name them and if those countries are violating regulations and agreements then the EU should take action against them.
    Surely Mr Dijjelbloem and Mr Schaeuble would agree as they were such firm supporters for upholding the Memorandum of Understanding with Greece.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I also think Mouzalas should name each country – he has nothing to lose anyway -except the Adjustment program Review..

    • The countries suggesting that Greece should violate international and EU law are not actually doing so themselves, for the most part. Hungary definitely is, and should be expelled from the EU. However, Belgium and Austria are talking bullshit and just trying to throw their (zero) weight around by telling Greek ministers what to do. Mouzalas has been naming them, and they are denying that they said such things. Second rate politicians are like chameleons: they change colour as soon as you look at them.

  2. It’s a Europe that has reverted to type: don’t forget, that when dear Adolf was preaching his hate-speech against Jews, he had a lot of supporters across all of Europe, including the UK. In his book “Dark Continent”, published 1998, Mark Mazower talks about the three competing political forces in Europe. He makes the claim — which shocked me at the time — that neither fascism nor communism as political ideologies and forces are dead. We merely need to wait for them to return. Well, I don’t see much communism around, but there is plenty of fascism in the very right wing politicians of Europe. There will doubtless be another Holocaust — probably with Muslims as the victims.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I think in the last few years, the driving force is neither fascism nor communism but PoPulism exploiting people in need and frustration over austerity policies.

      • In my view, it is modified fascism. The defining feature of fascism is state control over production and employment, alongside zero tolerance of any political opposition. In the original form of fascism, a single dictator controlled the state; in the neofascist model, several powerful individuals vie with each other for control of a fake democratic political system. In the eurozone, the two contenders for power are the pig in a wheelchair and Merkel. Of course, all countries are obliged by law to have parliamentary elections — the ridiculous theatre of allowing voters to choose between near-identical parties with no possible change in policies.
        The result of this is a combined fascism-feudalism: the State controls its citizens, and the super-rich individuals and corporations (including banks) manipulate the state. Populism now is just the shallow drama of political rhetoric and occasional elections: it’s very different from the genuine populism of Andreas Papandreou, for example.