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Shock in Idomeni! Born in a tent, baby gets first bath from a water bottle, out in the cold (picture)

The picture shocks! A woman and a man are bathing a tiny newborn naked baby outside a tent in Idomeni refugee camp in Greece’s borders to FYROM. They hold the baby above the mud that is covering the camp. The woman holds the baby with one hand and washes the water out with the other. The man is pouring the “bath” water from a bottle. The water is probably cold. And so is the temperature in the area in the North of Greece on that day… on March 6th, the day Europe should mark in its calendar as Day of Shame.

refugees baby Idomeni

The mother of the baby gave birth in the tent.

The picture was shot on March 6th 2016 by @munduhurbila (Ilker Pastor).

The picture has gone viral on social media with thousands of angry internet users  lashing out at the European Union.

With refugees reception camps been set up by the Greek Army, the government tries to convince at least the families to move to camps with better living conditions. Exhausted by the hardship of the last days in rain and cold, many families with children may accept the offer.

Βίτσας: Δεν θα χρησιμοποιήσουμε βία εναντίον των προσφύγων

During the last 3 days, 70 children with respiratory and gastroenteritis infections were taken to hospitals in Kilkis and Thessaloniki.

However, many fear that they will never reach central Europe if they move to camps. So they stay in Idomeni, or they sleep in tents at the port of Piraeus.

Alternate Defense Minister and in charge of the Greek Coordination Center for Refugees, Dimitris Vitsas,  said this morning in Star TV that there will be “no forceful evacuation of Idomeni camp,” neither forceful removal of the refugees from Piraeus port.


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