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Idomeni Camp: Evacuation of 8,199 refuges & migrants started

All eyes are on Idomeni camp this morning, where the evacuation started in the morning. Buses keep coming empty and leave the area full with people, taking them to organized facilities. The first buses take the people in the broader area of Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece.

With the help of translators, authorities have been informing in the last days the people at Idomeni camp of the upcoming evacuation. Those willing to abandon the camp are many.

As of 12 o’ clock noon the transfer of men, women and children has been running without any incident, protest or use of violence.

UPDATE: We confirm that our staff are working inside . Buses are filling slowly and then leaving but all is calm.

So far, 840 people left the camp on 18 buses, in an operation that is expected to last a a week or ten days.

As soon as some camp areas are evacuated, the bulldozer come in.

Tents and establishments are being removed with bulldozer. People leaving quiet.

Greek riot police moved in the camp before dawn – 1o riot police squads have been deployed to Idomeni from Athens.The road to the camp is blocked by police.

Photo published for Räumung von Flüchtlingslager Idomeni hat begonnen

According to reports from the area, police asked volunteers and journalists to leave the camp already last night.

idomeni evacuation

However, some volunteers and journalists hid inside the camp, spent the night in tents with refugee families, so that would be able to cover the evacuation this morning.

One of them is a reporter of German tabloid Bild who has been tweeting in the morning that he was arrested by police. He even complained that police

42m42 minutes ago

 Griechische Polizisten können sich nicht einigen, ob ich auf Polizeiwache muss oder nicht. Hier klappt auch wirklich nichts.
Majority of journalists are awaiting 2 km kilometers away from the camp, Greek police allowed footage and images distribution only via state broadcaster ERT and Athens News Agency.
The evacuation started short after 6 o’ clock in the morning with the tents spread across the fields around the Idomeni camp. The transport today is expected to continue until the evening.Authorities expect to have evacuated 2,000 people today and another 2,000 tomorrow and open the blocked rail track.
Refugees and migrants are separated according to nationality.

Refugees from moving under police escort to new camp in Thessaloniki.

More than 12,000 refugees and migrants were trapped in Idomeni after FYROM closed its borders in February. According to Greek authorities information on Tuesday morning 8,199 refugees and migrants were still in Idomeni, as several thousands were moved to organized camps and reception centers, following calls by the Greek government.

idomeni evacuation

Living conditions in Idomeni makeshift camp have been appalling, protests and brawls among refugees and migrants took place again and again. People are exhausted to wait for the borders to open – and this is not going to happen because the European Union has decided so.
Now, some people – open borders supporters – complain that by transporting refugees and migrants to organized camps, “public opinion and decision-makers will forget their plight.”  That’s true.
The EU should give these people a perspective. But the EU is unable to give a perspective to itself, to start with…

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