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Polish MEP: “English will not be an official EU language after Brexit”

“English will not be one of the European Union’s official language after Brexit,” MEP Danuta Hübner and head of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) warned at a press conference on Brexit on Monday. No other EU country has English as their official language and so it could lose its status.

English is one of the EU’s 24 official languages because the U.K. identified it as its own official language, Hübner said. But as soon as the Britain completes the process to leave the EU, English could lose its status.

“We have a regulation … where every EU country has the right to notify one official language,” Hübner said. “The Irish have notified Gaelic, and the Maltese have notified Maltese, so you have only the U.K. notifying English.”

“If we don’t have the U.K., we don’t have English,” Hübner said.

English is one of the working languages in the European institutions, Hübner said, adding: “It’s actually the dominating language,” the one most frequently used by EU civil servants.

The regulation listing official languages of the EU would have to be changed unanimously by remaining countries if they want to keep English as an official language, Hübner said.

The European Commission has already started using French and German more often in its external communications, as a symbolic move after Britain voted to leave the EU last Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, the president of the regional council of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, called for Italian to become one of the official languages of the EU. “We have not defended … our language as we should have, both on the European continent and in the world,” Giani said following the British referendum result.

I personally propose that Greek becomes EU’s official lingua franca as small member-states also deserve better 🙂

PS what ever the language outcome, no worries:

English will always be the official language of KeepTalkingGReece

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  1. haha! Do the stupid Poles think that Polish should be the working langauge of the EU? They are stupid enough to try, it is true. English is the working language of most of the developed world; if the EU should try to revert to the dominance of French (as occurred 20 years ago) it will be signing its own death warrant.

  2. Everyone learns to speak English – it is one more language to help the peoples of the world to communicate with each other.
    This woman is a nut job.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    For all together Greek is the easiest as all other languages have stolen up to 2/3 originally Greek to pimp up their Barbarian gutter and jungle grunts, unfortunately they were too stupid for the correct pronunciation and still sound shitty as the hell of a Raki and garlic shit; they still hate ancient Greeks for not writing pronounced

    • Trust a native English speaker: you don’t want the entire world to speak and write your language. It is painful to read and hear, damages the ability of young native speakers in their own language, and you are asked all the time to correct terrible grammar, vocabulary, spelling and syntax. Even then, all the foreigners argue that they are right…
      No, spare Greek the humiliation of being a world language!

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        But not for the future, not like this referendum-fraud where a on lies drunken mob with an average life expectancy of 15 years left to “live” decides.
        It makes everything easier if for every school-kid Greek is the first language, every language that is rooted in Latin and Greek is easier to learn even ones own. Given that the human kind is too stupid to bomb Silicon Valley and all this digital bullshit off the planet it will be a must as otherwise artificial life will be too complex to keep control. Just think of driver-less cars, it’s obvious that this will not work without banning cyclists and peds from the streets, otherwise running reds will end up in a massacre.

  4. Alle unverzueglich Deutsch sprechen! Wer kein Deutsch spricht, wird sofort aufgerueben und in Dust verwandelt. An die Arbeit zuegig! Sofort!

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