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Thessaloniki: “No Border Camp 2016” on Migration meets angry reaction of university & local authorities

The first tents were set up on Thursday morning in the outdoors area of the campus of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, northern Greece. A group of some 50 participants has already arrived to prepare the facilities for the «No Border Camp – Thessaloniki 2016». The initiative around Refugees and Migration is scheduled to take place 15-24 July 2016 and participants are expected to come from several areas in Greece and from abroad.

Organizers plan events, workshops and protests outside the campus but also in refugees hosting camps in the area.

no border Camp

The No Border Camp has triggered the negative mass reaction not only in the University but also in the Municipality authorities. It looks as if the organizers have not obtained any permission – not to mention, that they would most probably would not get any-.

University authorities are concerned about possible damage in the campus area, the municipality is concerned about disruption in the city’s smooth operation and local businesses.

mass this merger creates a strong reaction of the rectors, who for days for fear damage to areas of the university environment.

Speaking to radio “Praktoreio 104,9 FM» Vice Rector of Aristotle University, Theodoros Laopoulos expressed his indignation at the campers. “Yesterday evening  the first 50 people arrived to prepare the ground. I was informed that that they brought four large cauldrons for cooking. It is not possible to have such things within the University area,” he said and added that “these people are from the anti-authoritarian scene, mostly from abroad, mainly from European countries, and will hold marches and demonstrations during the day and concerts and events in the evening in the premises of the University,” he said.

According to the No Border Camp website, organizers call for transnational participation in the camp in Thessaloniki saying that “the city is located in the heart of the conflicts around the control and management of migration and freedom of movement.”

Estimations speak of at least “1,000” to “several thousands” Camp participants.

University authorities speak of “occupation of the Uni campus” and want the event to move into another area, police and prosecutors re on alert, municipality and the government look at the upcoming events hoping that the situation will not get out of control.

UPDATE: According to Skai TV, a British national was detained when police found a knife and an iron fist in his car.

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