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Greece urges EU for “Plan B” if Turkey walks out of Migration Deal

The European Union must come up with an alternative plan in order to tackle  Migration in case Turkey makes its threats true and walk out form the Migration deal.

“We are very concerned,” Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas told German conservative daily Bild after Turkey threatened to walk out of the EU-Turkey Deal on migration if the European Union will not grant visa liberation for its citizens. Mouzalas urged for action stressing “in any case, we need a Plan B.”

Mouzalas also called for a fairer distribution of the refugees and said that “The refugees must be distributed to all EU countries right away, and not just to individual member states.”

The EU-Turkey deal that affects all  illegal arrivals of refugees and migrants from Turkey to Greece (EU) foresees that”for every Syrian refugee sent back to  to Turkey, another Syrian refugee may travel from Turkey directly to EU legally.”

Bild claims that “up to 72,000 people could find shelter in Europe in this way.”

I have no idea how Bild came up with this figure of beneficiaries as the total number of refugees and migrants in Greece was 52,000 when the deal went into effect and it increased to 57,034 (data 3. Aug 2016). Majority of people who arrived after the deal, submitted asylum applications.

The deal dramatically decreased the migration flows, however, an average of 100 new arrivals per day have been recorded after the attempted Turkish Coup on July 15th.

It is high time, we get detailed data arrivals, asylum applications, approvals, deportations to Turkey and thus for the period April 4 – July 4th 2016 – A 3-month review, so to say.

PS Plan B? When Europe cannot stick to Plan A with relocation quotas etc?

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  1. The figure of 72,000 has nothing to do with how many are in Greece. It is the theoretical maximum that the stupid EU has calculated for the deal with Turkey — that’s 72,000 from Turkey. The EU couldn’t care less how many refugees are in Greece or what happens to them.
    As for Mouzalas, he didn’t think to commission a Greek plan B? This is just typical of Greek politicians: they complain about everything but never offer solutions. Malakas Papandreou did the same with the fiscal crisis: he went to France and Germany whinging about the Greek people not paying their taxes and begging Sarkozy to give money to Greece. These people are just useless and pathetic specimens — unfit for purpose.