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Deadly Aegina crash: with 9 days delay, speedboat skipper remanded in custody per court order

With a nine days delay, the captain of the speedboat that crashed on a tourist vessel and killed four people was remanded in custody. The decision had to be taken by a court in Piraeus after the prosecutor and the interrogating judge could not agree when the 77-year-old skipper Thrasyvoulos Lykourezos appeared in the court.

According to court papers justifying the custody decision,  the judges ruled that the captain, Thrasyvoulos Lykourezos, failed to alert authorities on time although he was aware that human lives were in danger.

The court also ruled that the skipper’s transfer to shore following the accident was aimed at facilitating an eventual escape. The 77-year-old turned himself in and was arrested by coast guard officers two and a half hours after the crash.

On August 16th, Lykourzeos was driving in high speed the boat that rammed a tourist vessel with 25 passengers on board sailing in the narrow passage between Perdika village of Aegina and the islet of Moni in the Saronic Gulf.

The captain of the touristic vessel, a 44-year-old father and his 5-year-old daughter as well as another passenger in his 30’s were killed.

Many survivors and eye-witnesses claim that the speedboat continued its route after the accident although the tourist vessel was broken apart and all passengers had fallen in the water.

The speedboat driver claimed that he had health problems and that his own boat was damaged and that’s why he could not stop and help.

Many question marks are open as to why he did not immediately informed the port and coast guard authorities about the shipwreck but he chose to call friends to tow his own boat.

Not remanding custody triggered an outrage among the families of the victims, the survivors and the media.

During August 16th and 25th, Lykourezos was in home confinement in his Athens apartment.

Authorities have withdrawn both his boat as wells as his car driving license.

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  1. Disgusting.

  2. Protothema has the story, that the guy was actually not at the helm of the vessel. He was NOT the driver! I heard rumors, a high ranking Syriza MP was actually the captain. We will see … if I understand correctly, there were also two ladies on board. They should be able to tell …