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Amazing graffiti “Owl of Athens” goes viral

A graffiti presenting the famous Owl of Athens on an old abandoned building in the center of the Greek capital has gone viral on the internet.

Inspired by Jimmy Hendrix “Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens” the graffiti is a creation by one of the best street artists worldwide WB aka Wild Drawing. With a strong symbolism.

“The owl symbolizes wisdom and at the same time is the symbol of the goddess Athena, who gave her name to the city of Athens. On the other hand, owl as a bird  famous for its extremely good vision of the long distances especially in low light. Today, Greece, and not only, experiences a very dark phase and I think it’s time for us to remember the wisdom of this creature, ” WD wrote about his creation.


The amazing graffiti was created as part of the festival “Little Paris of Athens” organized by the Athenian Artistic Network, the Culture, Sports & Youth Department of Athens Municipality and the Attica Region with the support of the French Embassy in Greece.

The graffiti stands on the old building at the corner Constantinou Paleologou and Samos Street in Metaxourgio.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Special kind of censorship to end real street-art? Official graffiti ordered by authorities are only made to paint over political graffiti because it is not painted over by underground artists whose art as a result will be painted over also.