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Dijsselbloem to bring “Pension Reforms” back on the agenda

A document with a list of topics to be discussed at the Eurogroup meeting on November 7th, was leaked to the press in order to increase pressure to the Greek side.

The document prepared by Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem and sent to Eurozone finance ministers informs his counterparts that issue of Greece will be discussed in view of all the reforms of the first program review and the progress of the second review.

Top on the agenda will be the social security/pensions reform and its implementation since May 2016, the establishment of the Unified Social Security Fund (EFKA) that should replace IKA (employees in private sector) and the increase of contributions for self-employed and freelancers as of 1.1.2017.

“The measures of reforms in social security and the labor market are expected to be at the heart of this mission” Dijsselbloem highlights and and stresses also that  “measures will be taken in privatization, the financial sector, the energy, the public administration as wells as “with respect to the budget, the medium-term, the business climate and the education.”

The FinMins will also receive the report from the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) which is the successor of the EU Task Force for Greece (Task Force for Greece) on technical assistance provided to Greece to promote changes in administration of taxation and social security.

In short, every big or tiny prior action of the 3. bailout, will be carefully checked on heart, lungs, kidneys and liver condition. Main thing, the numbers on the lenders’ spreed sheets and Greece makes reforms never done by any other country.

Greek Labor Minister Giorgos Katrougalos commented on Dijsselbloem’s document saying that the Pensions Reform has cocluded and the issue is not to open again.

While the eurogroup ministers will be discussing “Greece” in their comfort chairs in November, many Greeks will hold tight to each other as they will have to spend the fourth consecutive winter without heating.

Who cares…

UPDATE: then the bees came… and ‘sources’ from the Greek Finance Ministry said that the reference to the ‘Pensions Reforms” was a …translation mistake form Dutch to English and from English to Greek. The same sources hinted that Dijsselbloem was referring to “Social Solidarity Allowance”.

Greek government wants the SSA, the lenders do want. so in the end… it’s equally bad. zmmmzzzzzmmmzzzm

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  1. The 4th Reich demolition agenda for the country includes elimination of all citizens. Pensioners are a good start. As we will all see, the labour minister of the Quisling government will finally accept and execute everything his paymasters want. His current statements aim only at naive future voters.