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Turkey rejects EU’s accession report, threatens with “consequences”

Turkey rejected the latest EU report on the accession process, saying that “is far from being constructive” and that in some points it lacks in objectivity. In its report, the EU voiced concern about the crackdown on opponents after the failed coup in July.

After the EU released the report, Turkey’s Minister of European Affairs, Omer Celik, told reporters that it was written in a way that does not serve the EU-Turkish interests and accused the EU that it lacks the vision of its founders.

“The EU report, which was recently released, contains criticism which does not reflect the truth,” said the minister, adding that Turkey appreciates that the EU condemned the coup bid of July 15.

Fetullah Gulen’s organization “FETÖ is a terrorist organization even more dangerous than Nazis,” Celik added.

The European Union will have to accept the consequences if it decides to stop the accession negotiations with Turkey, the spokesperson of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned.

“If the EU decides to delay accession talks for Turkey, they will have to live with the consequences,” Presidency spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said in an interview with A Haber.

“It will be a big mistake if the EU thinks it can subdue Turkey with such a decision,” Kalin stressed adding “If the EU is making threats to freeze Turkey’s accession negotiations, these threats don’t have any basis here… The EU will have to accept the consequences if it makes such a decision.”

According to daily Yeni Safak, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also reacted against the EU official’s comments, urging that EU should make its final decision on Turkey’s accession quickly.

In the annual report of the EU that triggered anger among Turkish officials, the European Union said Turkey had rolled back the independence of the judiciary, the freedom of expression and other fundamental democratic standards after the attempted coup.

“It is time for Ankara to tell us what it wants. This is a test of credibility, but also the European Union’s credibility, “said European Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn presenting the European Commission’s report Wednesday.

“It is certainly not heading in the European direction,” said European Commissioner Johannes Hahn,

“Turkey, as a candidate country, must meet the highest criteria on which is committed and on which there can be no compromise,” added Johannes Hahn.

It is certainly not heading in the European direction,” Hahn told Reuters.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    If they don’t want to see Kurdistan being faster in EU than Turkey they just have to get over with nationalism and be a true Ottoman, tell the world that the Ottoman empire was not responsible for the Anatolian genocides but it was Europe’s best friends, the Kemalists, get a new genocide-free flag, get Ocalan out of prison and start peace-talks with him and “PKK” again and build a federal republic with Kurdistan.