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Merkel to stand for 4th term as Germany’s Chancellor; Schaeuble buries his dream

Angela Merkel announced on Sunday that she will run for a fourth term as German chancellor in a crucial national election in September 2017, insisting the decision had not been easy to make because of the complex challenges she will face and “absurd” expectations Germany could take a world leadership role when Barack Obama leaves office.

“I have spent an unending amount of time contemplating this, as to stand as a candidate for a fourth time after 11 years in power is anything other than a trivial decision, neither for the country, for the party, nor for me,” Merkel told a press conference in Berlin on Sunday night in what was a much-anticipated announcement.

She said just as when she first took up the post in 2005, she wanted to serve Germany. “Ever since then I have tried to orientate myself according to this principle.”

The 62-year-old is considered globally as the most experienced and longest-serving leader of the western world. She will be looked to for answers to may current challenges, including how to shape relations with Europe and the United States under Donald Trump, how the European Union will manage a Brexit and dealing with Russian aggression.

The continuing influx of refugees into Europe as well as the ongoing euro crisis are among the major issues that would dominate her next term.

Appearing relaxed but typically self-contained, Merkel said the decision would depend on the state of her health but assured her audience she felt “wide awake and full of ideas”.

But Merkel said it was “grotesque and absurd” that a single person should be expected to carry the burden of leadership alone, in a nod to those who have described Merkel variously, following the election of Trump, as the liberal west’s last defender.

Listing her main challenges, Merkel said: “The European Union is currently under great strain, with the euro crisis, with the refugee question, and following the decision of the United Kingdom to want to leave the EU, and with a situation in the world which, to put it delicately, needs to focus itself anew following the elections in America and also regarding the relationship to Russia.”

PS The point is not Merkel but Schaeuble, who cannot challenge her and be Chancellor in the position of Chancellor. Supposed Merkel will lose the elections, Schaeuble will run to replace her in the conservative CDU leadership. But even if he wins the CDU leadership, he, the 74-year-old who will be 75 next year, won’t be able to be Chancellor. Neither in a CDU government, nor in a coalition with social-democrats of SDP or right-extremists of AfD. And that is what counts!

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  1. There’s no getting rid of the damn woman.

  2. Thank God, she runs again. That will give her the same blow as Hillary Clinton. Had they come up with s.o else, people would have given that person a try. But Mutti – no.

    Landslide for AfD etc.

  3. She said will run on a pro-establishment and anti-populism ticket and there is where she is making a mistake, just like Clinton did. Putting people that have genuine concerns regarding security and the economy away as ‘deplorables’ and populists could also backfire on her. If there were to be another New Year’s event like last year or some terrorist attacks in Germany then it is game over for Merkel.
    I can’t believe that the current political establishments in Europe are making the same mistakes as Clinton did, especially in the light of Trump’s victory. The latter gave a big boost to the right parties in Europe and the current political and social elites don’t see it or are in denial.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Donald will come New Year’s to Cologne or Cheesebourgh for the famous “pussy grabbing” events? Who invited him? Or will he be the trainer?
      The “Establishment” are rich bastards like the pig in the power and their lackeys in governments and authorities, also the situation is totally different and much more democratic as in Germoney 80% will join elections, not under 50% and one can not find 20 million the establishment has stolen their voting rights away, under these 20 million one can find 50% of the real and only Americans who are not illegal migrants occupying a whole continent or slavery victims: 1 million American Indians are not allowed to vote although they’re the only ones that should have this right legally and not granted by occupation as occupation can never be a democracy as it is 500 years of terrorism

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    She will make America great again and take back Donald Kraut and all other migrants with German roots that after so many years still speak some ugly European oppressor language and not any of the so many American languages except from names of cities which they pronouce totally wrong.