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Turkey threatens to “flood the EU with migrants”

“The damage will be multiple for the European Union,” Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim warned and threatened that “without the help of Ankara, EU member states may be flooded with waves of migrants.” In the same wave length, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened that “if Europe goes too far, our doors will open.”

Yildirim’s threats came in form of a televised address to the nation, after the European Parliament vote to freeze EU’s accession talks with Turkey.

“We are one of the factors that protect Europe. If the refugees cross our borders, will flood and overwhelm Europe and Turkey prevents this from happening,” the Turkish PM said adding “I accept that the interruption of relations with Europe will harm Turkey, but the damage for Europe will be five to six times bigger.”

He reiterated that the European Parliament vote to freeze Turkey’s membership does not carry any importance as the ties between the EU and Turkey are already “forced relations”.

“The EU should decide whether it wants to continue its future vision with or without Turkey,” Yıldırım said.

“The European Parliament contradicts itself by taking such decisions while claiming that Turkey is an essential partner for the EU’s security. We expect EU leaders to stand up against this lack of vision,” the prime minister added.

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a motion calling on “the European Commission and on the Member States to initiate a temporary freeze of the ongoing accession negotiations with Turkey”.  The motion was adopted by 479 YES votes to 37 NO and 107 abstentions.

Friday morning, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan repeated the threats of the Prime Minister and made clear that “if Europe goes too far, our doors will open.”

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    This way they are officially respecting the borders and then we can see live one of their genocides, this time the transports don’t end but start in Syria.
    Ban their flag of genocides, swastikas are forbidden also

  2. What are the Turkish leaders waiting for ?
    Let the refugees out .. let them flood the EU .. It will increase the already critical situation .. and the EU will be screaming for help.

  3. Lessons are learned when you get to suffer the consequences of your actions.
    Germany & their elite are to blame for agreeing to take masses of refugees .. they then forced them on to all the EU member nations.
    Would the US have gotten involved in a war with Syria if the EU had refused to take the refugees .. probably not.
    Turkey has been the patsy / the stooge who was fool enough to take the brunt of the refugees .. they shouldered the burden while Germany & their elite’s got away with it.
    No lessons learned here .. they fobbed the problem on to everyone else as per usual.
    I say to Turkey open the doors & let them out.

    • All of Europe has a legal obligation to accept refugees. Merkel spoke correctly, albeit precipitously, when she told Syrians that they were welcome in Germany. The real problem lies with selfish and rather nasty people in eastern Europe and the UK — countries that refuse to help others, refuse to obey the rule of law, and are basically fascist hellholes.
      As for your strange comment about the USA “getting involved” with the war in Syria… are you so badly informed?! The civil war in Syria was financed by the USA, UK and others; the Syrian rebels are being trained by Britain and other countries’ military; and the whole chaos in Syria has been 100% caused by the USA and Europe. These countries have a moral and legal duty to host the refugees created by the war they are financing. Yet they have managed to fool people into thinking that this is nothing to do with Europe and the USA (and the UK in particular is very involved). No, this is not our problem, this is someone else’s problem: let’s make Turkey host refugees and promise the Turks fuck all in return.
      The mistake that Europe makes is in thinking that Erdogan is as stupid as the populations of Europe, whom they have managed to trick. He is not.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        These “rebels” are 99% El Kaida, even some media who lied since 5 years about this now started to call’em so again.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      An “elite” in Germoney is not existing: Every year hundreds of thousands well educated migrate to better paid jobs overseas
      Of the 890.000 refugees Germoney took in 2015 all are still there – except from a few deported.