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Fate of 6 Turkish soldiers in danger, after Greek court to extradite 3 of them to Turkey

A legal overthrow for six out of eight Turkish soldiers, alleged coup plotters, who fled to Greece one day after the attempted coup in July 15th 2016. A Greek court has agreed on Tuesday to the extradition of three of Turkish servicemen from a group of eight who fled to Greece after a failed July 15 military coup. Yesterday. Monday the court rejected Turkey’s extradition request for three others.

All eight helicopter crewmen deny participating in the coup and a plot to assassinate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

They fled to Greece with a Black Hawk helicopter and maintain they will not have a fair trial in Turkey.

The Athens council of appeals judges approved Turkey’s extradition request for three of the group Tuesday on charges of being involved in the coup, attempting to impede a parliamentary session and the seizure of a helicopter. It rejected the charge of involvement in an assassination attempt against Erdogan.

The composition of the court was different than the one that rejected the extradition on Monday.

The three are expected to appeal.

At the same time, the Supreme Court in Athens will take the final decision on the issue of the first three Turkish officers for whom the court rejected their extradition yesterday (Monday) in agreement with the prosecutor’s suggestion.

However, the head of the Athens Appeals Prosecutor decided to appeal against the unanimous decision of the Appeal Council.

After the prosecutor’s appeal, the case will be brought before the Supreme Court that will have to irrevocably decide on the fate of the 3 Turkish soldiers within eight days.

Turkish authorities have submitted an official request for the 8 soldiers, who immediately asked for asylum upon their arrival in Greece.

PS I hope, it’s just some kind of legal steps that have to be taken to secure that these 8 people will not be extradited to Turkey

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