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Missing Greek ambassador: Body found in burnt-out car in Rio

A possible tragic end for Greece’s ambassador to Brazil, Kyriakos Amoiridis, who went missing on December 26th. Police located a burnt-out car with a charred body inside. Police believes that the body is the ambassador who went missing while on Christmas vacation.

According to Greek media, authorities in Brazil announced that they have found the ambassador dead in the car in the area Nova Iguacu, a municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

The car was burned down, the ambassador’s body charred.

The corpse was found inside a white car with license plates matching to those of the car he had rented.

The car was located by a helicopter during a police operation in search for the missing ambassador.

The body has been taken to Medical Institute of Nova Iguacu for examination and official identification.

Kyriakos Amoiridis, 59, has been assigned to the ambassadorial post in Brazil since May 2016. He has been living in the country’s capital Brasilia, was on Christmas vacations in Rio de Janeiro together with his wife.

On December 26th, he left the area and never came back, apparently to visit friends in a “violent neighborhood,” so the Euronews.

After being unable to contact his wife reported that he went missing to local police.

Kyriakos Amoiridis, 59, had served as general consul in Brazil from 2001 to 2004.

Authorities in Brazil have been investigating in the direction of homicide or kidnapping.

The worst scenario and fears came true, an official identification is expected.

The circumstances of the fire in the car remain in the darkness, police apparently does not exclude a crime.

Greek deputy Foreign Minister Giorgos Amanatidis told Skai TV on Friday morning that authorities awaiting for the official results of the forensic investigation. “For the moment, there is nothing that can be officially announced,” he said. he added that Greece’s embassy in Brazil was informed about the missing case on December 29th.”

Greek media report that “the ambassador is dead.”

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