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Merkel spokesman: Germany committed to make a success of Greece’s bailout program

German Chancellor Angela Merkel struggles to keep a safety distance to two of her cabinet ministers who carry their election campaign on the back of Greeks: Finance minister Wolfgang Schaebule (CDU) and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD)

On Monday, Merkel sent her spokesman reporters to assure Greece and the Euro-world that Germany is committed to making a success of Greece’s bailout program and keep the eurozone together.

“For years, eurozone member states, including Germany, have shown active solidarity with Greece with the goal to bring this country to a path of sustainable finances and economic growth,” Steffen Seibert told a regular government news conference.

“It is a mission that has dragged on for many years and we are holding on to it,” he added.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer added: “We want to keep the eurozone whole, including Greece, and we will support everything that helps Greece. That’s why we want the aid program to continue to be successful.” (reuters)

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  1. The only thing the 4th Reich is committed to is devastating Greece first (appetiser) and then the rest of Europe as a revenge for not letting Adolph win. The faster we all understand this simple truth the better our chances are to defeat this evil vampire nation.

  2. Would you give one of your best milking cows away.

    There are many vested interests who will not allow the EU to break up, power brokers living in a fools paradise.
    You see WWII was set to achieve many things & a united Europe was one of those things. The dream was that they would soon own all the countries of Europe & the Middle East & Africa as well.
    It was a ridiculous idea then & now it is a destructive idea.
    Everything .. all their plans went the wrong way .. can they admit it was foolish folly .. no .. they do not make mistakes.
    even if you all starve to death .. they will not let go of you. For the good milking cow that you all are.

  3. Germany has no jobs for migrants.
    Germany has mass unemployment .. therefore there are no jobs, not even cheap labor for illegal immigrants.
    So why did Mutti Merkel invite the 1 million refugees to Germany .. to give them welfare payments ? .. okay .. so where is the welfare money coming from to pay the 1 million migrant refugees .. who Mutti Merkel has invited to Germany .. who is supplying the CONTINUOUS BILLIONS of dollars that are required to pay welfare money to the 1 million refugee migrants .. who are all unemployed .. for sure they have no jobs .. because there are no jobs in Germany.
    Where is all this money coming from ?
    Germany is bankrupt.
    So where is the money coming from ?
    Or is it funny money.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      What kind of crap you got this from? Wikipedia? She never invited anybody, don’t believe this hype created by busy smart-phone companies – the ones who had smart-phones then needed to save power as charging possibilities were scarce, used them most only for mapping and their family photos to store.

      And even if it’s the people’s responsibility only if they are so stupid to believe into facebook.

      It was always 850.000, never 1 million, you can check the blog here.

      Germoney has made it easier for refugees to find jobs, normal people don’t like to hang out with thousand others in big noisy halls, it makes sick.
      And German unemployment rate goes down year on year, not only due to mini-jobs where the state pays for the social security the bosses have to pay normally, and rent gets paid by welfare but only if you play by their rules.
      Same for refugees, if you don’t take a community job for 1,50 an hour they’ll cut your welfare
      But it went harder for migrants from Europe, now Europeans need to have worked 5 years in Germoney to achieve this right of welfare, a German SPD copy cat of UK law.