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Shocking accident with Porsche out of control: Four dead (video)

A shocking accident with a Porsche out of control on the highway Athens – Lamia in central Greece: Three young adults and a toddler found tragic death when a Porsche in high speed went off the highway and hit a parked vehicle. Within minutes both cars went in flames, three people were incinerated, one young man was found dead a couple of meters away.

Inside the parked grey Honda Civic was a mother, 33, and a 3-year-old toddler. They were waiting for the driver and father, 41, to return from the rest room and continue their journey.

Inside the black Porsche were two young adults, both males, 24 years old. The driver was incinerated, the co-driver was ejected and found dead several meters away.

Breathtaking Video: the accident from the security camera. According to Greek media, the man standing is the driver of the Honda.

The Porsche seems to be out of control. One of the passengers is reportedly the son of a Greek businessman who owns a toys shops chain. It is not clear who was sitting on the driver’s seat.

The accident occurred around 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon at the 83rd km of national highway Athens-Lamia, near the city of Thebes.

According to media, the father came out from the rest room upon hearing the deafening noise of the collision. He rushed outside to see his wife and child in flames.

The Porsche drivers were heading to the resort of Arahova.

According to Star TV, the Porsche was rented.

It looks as if the luxury car was out of control before it entered the side street. On the video, it seems to in not upright position. For sure, the speed was extremely high.

The Highways Traffic Police investigates among others whether there was a mechanical defect in the Porsche.

More pictures in local

Sources: protothema, zougla, lamiareport and others

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  1. I cannot watch these kinds of videos. The horror. The anguish that father must have gone through. Terrible.
    Why are such a powerfull cars allowed on the road? Cars such as Porsche, Audi, BMS, Mercedes, etc are actually not cars but signs of mental conditions. Usually the HP of these cars are inversely proportional with the IQ and EQ of the drivers/owners. Public dangers.

  2. Absolutely a tragedy.

  3. mechanical defect? how many years have i seen similar stories play out?