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Greek Gov’t considers Traffic Fines according to income criteria

Greek government considers to change the traffic fines and imposed them according to the income of the driver who causes an accident.  Speaking to radio Sto Kokkino FM, Deputy Transport Minister, Nikos Mavraganis revealed the plan that traffic fines are imposed according to the financial status of the driver violating the Traffic Code.

Mavraganis said that the proposal was made during a meeting with members of the bipartisan parliamentary committee on road safety.

“It is obvious that people who are unemployed or with very low income could comply with the code with a fine 20, 30, 50 euros. The same amounts for someone with an income of over EUR 100,000 is insignificant … Fines are there to force offenders to comply but also to act as a prevention measure,” the minister said.

A second measure under consideration is that in case of  traffic accidents with injuries the offenders spend time offering services to programs for people who have suffered injuries or disabilities after a traffic accident. The penalty could be “alternative or mandatory.”

“It is a penalty in form of deep humanitarian and consciousness-creating social service so that the person who caused an accident realizes that what he has done temporarily or permanently does harm a human life,” Mavraganis revealed.

The minister said that the first feedback on both propo0sals was positive.

It is not clear, whether the proposals were made before or after the fatal car crash with a speeding Porsche last Sunday.

PS Before changing the fines, the Greek government could better start a campaign about safe driving. ASAP. 24/7. Thousands of spots on TV. All day long. Until Greeks learn first of all to use the safety belt – and helmet on a heavy motorcycle ABC to start with.

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  1. I doubt very much that it would be legal to set fines for traffic violations according to recorded income. First of all, it is probably a violation of the legal principle of proportionality as well as that of predictability. Secondly, it does not make sense as the Greek state cannot even levy income taxes correctly according to income. Thirdly, what will you do with people with foreign income, that the Greek state does not and is not entitled to know? Fourthly, how would it work with someone with low income but massive investments and assets?
    This is one of the stupidest ideas that the Tsipras government has yet come up with. It is explicitly derived from Marx’s dictum: “…from each according to his means”. I suggest paying more attention to the first part of it — “to each according to his needs”.

    • such a thing has a chance in greece. when property tax rates are different for coastal or more ‘expensive’ areas thus a system of fining driver according to income/wealth will probably take place.
      greece is a country known for jealousy. a single rate on property tax doesnt exist in greece. special taxes for pools, etc. its a jealousy tax.

      • what do you expect in a communist country?

        i know many rich greeks that ‘pretend they are poor’, drive awful cars, dress badly, houses are falling apart, but they have millions in the back yard!

        and when they go abroad they suddenly have ‘money’

        its to do with the mentality, and as you mention it, jealousy.

        most ‘communists’ in greece are actually ‘rich’, such as Tsipras’ millionaire Syriza MP’s acting like they are poor = )

    • They have this rule in Switzerland and Finland, but there people actually declare their incomes unlike Greece where most people apparently ‘live off less than 1000 eur a month’ which obviously isn’t the case

      • You must be deranged. The country has 40% of the population below poverty line and you dare say that the problem is that they do not declare their income? This is hubris major!

    • Stupid ideas by morons and mental dwarfs who desperately try to divert attention from the new round of catastrophic laws the Troika is here to impose.