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Juncker: Greece’s prime minister loves me deeply, and so do Greeks

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday he is the most popular European politician in Greece during a joint press conference with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani in Brussels, following the presentation of the Commission’s “White Paper” on the future of the EU.

Asked by a journalist why he does not comment on France’s domestic politics where presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen has announced a referendum for an exit from the EU if elected, when he had intervened dynamically against the position of Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras when he announced a referendum in 2015, Juncker replied:

“You’re the only person in Europe who believes I was among those who criticized the Greek prime minister. The Greek prime minister loves me deeply, and so do Greeks. I’m the most popular European politician in Greece. You should have known that, if you have seen by relationship with the Greek prime minister, who I greatly value. Just as I have deep sympathy or even love for the Greek people.”

He then pointed at Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas and said he is briefed by him on daily developments in Greece. Concerning Le Pen, Juncker said he doesn’t want to become part of her propaganda.

On Wednesday, Juncker presented to the European Parliament the Commission’s document “White Paper” on the future of Europe.

Outlining the five options of Europe’s future, Juncker acknowledged the existential struggle the EU is facing due to crises over Brexit, migration and the eurozone. He said it was not a “definitive view” from the Commission but a way to “make clear what Europe can and cannot do.”

Among others, Juncker said:

“The future of Europe should not become hostage to elections, party political or short term views of success.”

“However painful Brexit may be, it will not stop the EU as it moves forward into the future.”

“Summit after summit we promise we will bring down the unemployment figures, particular youth unemployment … but the EU budget provides only 0.3 percent of European social budgets: 99.7 percent is with the national governments.”

“We must make clear what Europe can and cannot do.”

“Permanent Brussels-bashing makes no sense because there is no basis for it.” explains what Juncker said and what he meant.

PS I suppose, Greeks will mourn when Juncker goes end of 2019.

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