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Tsipras tells Merkel “Game Over!” Background Eurogroup Malta

“Angela, once you called me about my finance minister. Now, I call you about yours.” This is what Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, two days before the Eurogroup meeting in Malta on April 7,2017.  It was Tsipras’ phone call to Merkel that unblocked the deadlock and led an agreement for the return of the institutions to Athens.

The Greek prime minister called the German Chancellor Monday noon. He complained about finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

“Angela, once you called me about my finance minister [Yanis Varoufakis]. Now, I call you about yours, Tsipras reportedly told Merkel.

“Angela, you don’t realize what is going on, Schaeuble wants to take the whole issue in his hands,  the Greek prime minister said and added: “The game is over.  The issue either ends on Friday, or it ends otherwise. The responsibility is yours. Schaeuble wants to trigger Grexit amid the elections campaign. I will not allow this.”

Chancellor Merkel defended Schaeuble, said it was her wish too that the second review concludes. The two leaders agreed to speak with each other again before the Eurogroup on Friday.

On Wednesday, at a joint statement with the president of European Council Donald Turk, Tsipras revealed that he would call for a Euro summit ‘should there be no white smoke at the Eurogroup.”

This was the key word that unlocked the impasse, Sunday newspaper Real News reveals. Hardly had Tusk left the Prime Minister’s office, Chancellor Merkel called.

Tsipras told her that the situation cannot continue with the games some play against Greece. Merkel assured him that she will work for a solution by Friday.

It was Merkel’s call that led Tsipras to say Wednesday night “A Euro Summit would not be necessary.”

Apparently there was one more reason, a more interesting one, that had Merkel to take the initiative and intervene.

The social-democrat vice chancellor in Merkel’s coalition, Sigmar Gabriel, had reportedly threaten Merkel to trigger early elections should there be no solution for Greece, Schaeuble’s plan prevails and Greece is forced to exit the eurozone.

During the week, the Greek Prime Minister had intensive talks also with the SPD-candidate for Chancellor, Martin Schulz, the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and French president Francois Hollande. (, via HuffingtonPostGreece)


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