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Demy and This Is Love bring Greece to Eurovision 2017 finals VIDEO

Demy  and her song This Is Love have brought Greece back to the Eurovision finals after the country missed out in 2016.  Greek fans think this entry can push on into the top 10 of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

In the first Eurovision semi final winners’ press conference, she told an army of cheering Greek press: “I’m really lucky and I’m really happy for today and for all the support. I trust myself and I trust my team, I’m sure we’re going to give our best performance in the final now that we have the chance to do that. This is love”.

Greece also had the backing of Cyprus, Australia, Albania and the United Kingdom where there are large Greek diaspora populations. That’s become even more powerful again since the change to the voting system introduced in 2016.

Demy is a very popular singer in Greece and within the Greek diaspora. There are high hopes amongst Greek fans for a very strong result in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest final.


Sources within the Greek delegation confirmed to Metro after the second technical rehearsal that there had been serious problems with the in-ear monitors and camera shots but that they had been corrected. During the jury final, when 50% of the votes are cast, the in-ear monitors failed again and they couldn’t hear Demy’s lead vocal. In the live broadcast, however, Demy turned on the style and everything came together.

There had also been problems with the visual effects of the Greek Eurovision performance. It was supposed to show Demy and her two backing dancers performing underwater but it looked more like they were behind smoke.

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiew | Die zehn besten Nationen ( Picture-Alliance/dpa/J. Stratenschulte)

In the first semifinal in Kyiv on Tuesday evening, qualified for the final round on Saturday were contestants from ten countries: Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Australia and Greece. Failing to take the hurdle were Iceland, the Czech Republic, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Latvia, Georgia and Finland.

PS Based on reactions on Twitter, people liked Demy’s robe and praised her beauty.

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