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Golden Dawn MP verbally and physically attacks New Democracy MP in Parliament VIDEO

An unprecedented incident took place in the Greek Parliament earlier on Monday. At least one Golden Dawn MP verbally and physically attacked the leader of the parliamentary group of New Democracy. The incident occurred in front of the cameras as the debate carried out at the economic parliamentary committee on the new austerity package is being transmitted live.

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris was speaking in the Parliament demanding rejecting the  urgent procedures under which the news austerity package was brought to the Parliament.

At this point, the former minister and parliamentary group leader of New Democracy, Nikos Dendias passed in front of Kasidiaris.

“Go away! Don’t you see that I am speaking?” Kasidiaris shouted at Dendias who stepped back and stood in front of the GD MP thus telling him something the cameras did not catch. GD MP Lagos stood up and obviously took position to defend Kasidiaris.

“What’s this attitude?” Kasidiaris shouted at the ND lawmaker. The Parliament TV zoomed out, a loud noise went through the hall, all members of the parliament stood up and looked towards the back seats where the incident took place.

Acting parliament speaker,, Makis Balaouras, started to scream “Guard! Guard! Guard!”. A pandemonium broke out. “Mr Kasidiaris is expelled!” the parliament speaking screamed outloud as if in panic. He kept calling for the guards to take Kasidiaris out. “Where is the guard! Please! Guard! Where’s the guard?” Balaouras shouted “Guards to take out Kasidiaris!”

The live transmission was cut.

Later, the director in charge of the Parliament TV feed told Proto Thema,  they’ve been told not to show ‘moments of tension’ during debates.

Some media reported that there was a sound like a slap to be heard on the live transmission. Some eye-witness described the incident saying “the GD MP used verbal and physical violence,” or that he “violently pushed away” Dendias.

On the video, two GD MPs are head telling Dendias to “Come, get out of here!”

Taking the floor after the incident, GD MP Yiannis Lagos indirectly admitted the incident saying “This is democratization a la carte. An incident took place and everyone of you condemned it. But you forget that two years ago, because of this gentleman and of Samaras, Kasidiaris and some of use landed in prison without evidence. Which of the two is violence?”

Lagos warned the lawmakers that “if it wasn’t for the Golden Dawn MPs and Kasidiaris to show self-discipline you would be running away right now.”

Many lawmakers, including some of New Democracy and other parties refrained from saying the word ‘slap’ as ‘this would humiliate the Greek parliament’ as they said.

The parliament speaker asked Kasidiaris to be expelled from the Parliament and be fined. A relevant motions is being currently discussed in the parliament.

Addressing the parliament, Nikos Dendias, said the crime he committed was to pass in front of Kasidiaris. “Everybody saw what happened,” Dendias said.

“We will not allow these fascist behaviors,” said SYRIZA MP Nikos Mantas.

Makis Voridis form ND asked the whole parliamentary group of Golden Dawn to be expelled.

“An MP in the Parliament uses physical violence, this behavior is unacceptable, it humiliates the House” former PASOK minister Andreas Lovers stresses asking that Kasidiaris will be expelled.

Speaking to Skai TV, Loverdos said, he hoped the television cameras did not record the details of the incident as this would humiliate the Parliament.

It is not the first time, Golden Dawn MPs show bully behavior in the Parliament. They used to swear and verbally attack anyone, until the trial against them started.

State ERT TV reports that the whole Golden Dawn parliamentary group was expelled from the parliamentary committee. ERT reporter confirms the physical attack saying that Dendias lost his balance and almost fell on a Parliament seat.

There are reports that the GD MPs threw bottles of waters.

Kasidiaris’ verbal attack was apparently so vulgar that no Greek media dares to report about it.

PS of course, everybody is now wondering where was this damn’d Guard when one needs it!

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