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Actor and politician Kazakos calls young Greeks seeking jobs abroad “traitors”

Famous Greek actor Kostas Kazakos, director of Patras Municipal and Regional theater and former lawmaker with Greek Communist Party KKE, attacked young Greeks who leave the country seeking a job abroad. He called the thousands of people who seek a future outside a country with high employment ‘traitors’.

“Whatever young people want, whether it’s job, family,house, they have to fight for it in their own country. Otherwise, they are foreigners. They left and went to work in other countries. What will happen with the homeland?  This is in fact betrayal,” the 82-year-old actor said.

Calling desperate unemployed Greeks ‘traitors’ triggered an outrage especially among Greek workers abroad. Hundreds of  people commented on social media fiercely attacking Kostas Kazakos.

“I was jobless and needed to pay ENFIA [property tax]. Instead of patriot I became a traitor,” writes a Greek living and working in Mardid.

Columnist and scriptwriter Elena Akrita said “Economic migration is not betrayal, it’s desperation.”

“Stay here, traitors! Two university degrees, two M.A., 3 foreign languages for a job as delivery boy!”

“Betrayal, Mr Kazakos, it to cut the pensions of poor elderly, while you get 4,000. the least you can do is to stop talking!” Athens/Yorkshire

“With the salary of an ex MP Kazakos calls traitors OUR CHILDREN who leave for WORK abroad.”

Many attacked Kazakos for the salary he receives from the Theater next to his pension. Others hit under the belt criticizing his talent, his age and even the state of his mind.

Especially his salary of 52,000 euro annually (4,333 monthly) became target of attack. Greek media were quick to reveal that he had is not employed but has a ‘constructor agreement’ in order to avoid cut in his pension.

As he was elected MP for two consecutive legislature periods form 2007 to 2012, he most probably receives also a pension as MP. And one as actor.

Recently, the opposition in Patras attacked him as “communist with right-wing pockets.”

“some trush …bteer mind their own business. What have you done #Kazakos to keep young generation here?” Dublin

“Kazakos and the other systemic MPs should thank God we left because when we return they will leave.”

Despite the outrage, Kostas Kazakos defended his position in media interviews. In a delirium of nationalism and saying more or less that Greeks should stay in Greece because our ancestors sacrificed their lives and blood so that we live in a free country.

He needed a third interview to try to make things right -and probably to avoid losing his job at the Patras Theater.

“I meant, traitors are the ones who brought the country to this situation,” he said.

But his original statements are captured on a video as they were made during an interview with a private television channel.

With unemployment among youth to be at 50% in average since the economic crisis broke out, the famous brain drain has forced about half a million Greeks to seek work abroad. And not only young ones.

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  1. No, no they are not ‘Traitors’. They have no choice. It is either emigration or starvation.

  2. A foolish tirade from Kazakis, showing that he has absolutely no understanding of the situation. As Andy says, the choice is stark. Stay and starve or emigrate and live. It’s as simple as that.

    He suffers the same blindness as all the politicians heaping ever more austerity and punitive taxes on the people – they all have nice comfortable incomes, so the suffering of others is just an abstract to them – they have no idea of the realities of life for those trying to live on €400 or less per month.