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Yassou, Hugh Jackman! Hollywood sails the Aegean Sea

All the way from Australia to Greece and from Sydney to Delos. The tiny island in the Aegean Sea, the mythological birthplace of Apollo, the island with one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece. Right next to cosmopolitan Mykonos. Movie star Hugh Jackman is on holidays in Greece, enjoying sun, sea and culture. And posting on his social media accounts.

A week ago. he was on another majestic small island in the Aegean, Antiparos, where Tom Hanks has a summer house. Apparently Jackman made it to Antiparos following Hanks’ warmest recommendations.

According to Greek media, 48-year-old Jackman is sailing the Aegean Sea together with his wife Deborra on the luxury yacht of Marianna Latsis, sister of Greece’s most wealthy man Spyros Latsis.

What does a Hollywood star do when on vacation on the Greek islands? The usual staff: slender thought the narrow streets, admire the natural beauties, enjoy local food, taking pictures with locals and visitors.

Before visiting uninhabitable Delos, Hugh Jackman posted a picture with a sandy beach at his feet and the deep blue sea in the background. From Mykonos. He greeted his friends in …Australian Greeklish “Yassou”

And what did Greeks comment to Hugh Jackman’s post on Twitter?

“Get a trash bag and clean the beach like Will Smith!”

Eco-sensible Will Smith and his family cleaned up beaches on the island of Antipaxos in the Ionian Sea last week. They said they gathered 22 trash bags.

PS It could be an effective trend among Hollywood stars visiting Greece: to clean a beach here and there and post cute pictures with huge black plastic bags. They could raise awareness about a good cause under the slogan “Hollywood cleans Greece!” Or something…

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