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UFO? Residents on Crete claim they saw a mysterious ‘fire star’ in the sky

Residents of Zaros village on the island of Crete claim that they saw  a mysterious object like a ‘fire star’ flying in the sky above their village on Monday night.

“I was in the courtyard of my home when at 10 o’ clock I saw an illuminated disc passing over our heads until it was lost in the horizon,” a village woman told local media. “I tell the truth, if you don’t believe me, ask Katina and her husband, they saw it too,” the elderly woman added.

Mrs Irene described to the reporter how the object looked like and how frightened she was.

“It was a big round thing with a flame inside, a red flame,” she said adding she was so scared that “the fire will fall from the sky and burn us” that she went inside her home.

However, she couldn’t resist the temptation, she went out in her courtyard again to see the ‘illuminated disc” disappearing over the mountain of Vorizia.

Two more witnesses from the village confirmed the mysterious object in the sky.

A man also said that the object “was round with a flame inside” and “something like a glass roof.”

“It suddenly appeared in the sky, moved and disappeared behind the mountain.”

Mrs Irene and the man tried to describe the form and the appearance of the UFO saying that the flames “were coming outside,” like rays. The object looked “like a star” they said.

Both witnesses describe the object as if it was quite close.

The mysterious object appeared in the sky of Zaros in Herakleio region at 10 o’ clock Monday night, 24. July 2017.

Just a couple of hours after the earthquake of Kos at 1:31 a.m. on Friday, 21. July 2017, a group of young Turks filmed an object in the sky they claimed it was a UFO.

According to Turkish media, the group saw a bright ball in the sky over Bodrum at 4:30 a.m. Friday. “The ball produced a clear, powerful light that appeared and disappeared periodically,” daily Harberler quoted the footage shooters.

When the video was uploaded on YouTube, many turned out to be supporters of a Turkish-made conspiracy theory according to which “aliens appear after big disasters.”

Scientists explained that such lights may be due to gas interactions emanating from the  earthquake.

The earthquake stroke with 6.6 R in the sea area 33km north-east of the island of Kos and caused panic and injuries on both sides of the Aegean, in Kos and Bodrum.

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