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Varoufakis names his wife as the person who videotaped his conversations

In the Greek edition of his book “Adults in the Room,” Yanis Varoufakis made new revelations for his term in Finance Ministry in 2015. According to introduction of the book, Varoufakis’ wife, Danae Stratou videotaped telephone conversations he had at that time.

“In a book where so much depends on who says what and when I made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the references. For this purpose I used conversations (at the Eurogroup meetings and other official meetings with the lenders outside Greece) that have been recorded on my mobile phone, telephone conversations that Danae Stratou videotaped in the afternoon hours in our house as well as handwritten notes I kept at that time after talks, meetings etc.”

Kathimerini notes, that the English version of the book does not make reference of the name of Varoufakis’ wife as the person who also recorded conversations.

At the same time, the former minister clarifies that “my well-known recordings concern only formal talks with representatives of non-Greek lenders – never talks with comrades, colleagues or other Greeks who c-modified the events.”

The source of this news item is here in bussinessnews, but those Greek websites (like the English version of PT) that keep massively copy-pasting KTGs’ posts without even giving credit to the original sources or the reports of KTG will remove the link. So beware!

Varoufakis’ book in Greek has the title “Unbeatable Losers” and subtitle “For a Greek spring after endless bailout winters.”

Of course, the revelations may          . But as            said, If you‘re going through hell, keep going.

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