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PM Tsipras takes a ride in an F-16 and flies over the Aegean Sea

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras took a ride in a F-16 fighter jet of the Greek Air Force and flew over the north-west Aegean Sea.

Wearing a pilot suit Tsipras got on the 2-seat F-16 as “co-pilot.”

The flight lasted one hour and the prime minister had the chance to enjoy from above Halkidiki and the Mount Athos, the islands of Lemnos, Agios Efstratios and Skyros.

The F-16 flew in the company of two more fighter jets with the chief of the Greece’s General Staff and the Chief of Staff of Greek Air Force.

The F-16 took off from the 110th Combat Wing of the Hellenic Air Force base in Larissa, central Greece.

The F-16 had the name of the Greek prime Minister

Returning back to the safety of the ground PM Tsipras described the flight as “one of the most thrilling moments” of his life.

He thanked the pilots, the officers and the top brass of the Greek Air Force.

Tsipras’ office announced the unexpected flight in a non-paper with the weird title “Does Tsipras fly?”

Many wondered what was the purpose of the prime ministerial flight and thus just a couple of days before he sets for an official visit to Washington and important talks with US president Donald Trump.

But I can tell you this: Turkish media have gone mad about Tsipras flight over the Aegean. Some write that Tsipras’ flight was “a show of power.”

We should not be surprised to soon see Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inspecting the West coast of his country on a propeller air craft 🙂

BTW Weather conditions on 12. October were perfect, similar to these just a few days ago.

So why not?

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