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Help for flash floods victims: Mandra Municipality appeals for food & other items, donations, volunteers

The Municipality of Mandra in West Attica has issued a call for help for the flood victims. Food, drinking water, medicine, clothing and footwear but also sleeping bags and blankets are needed for the thousands of families affected by the floods, exposed in cold and decreasing temperatures in houses and households destroyed by the tons of mud that stroke the area of West Attica last Wednesday.

Needed are also volunteers to help with the clean up of homes.

Items needed:

  • items for babies and toddlers, diapers, baby food and milk, creams0-6 months old, 6-12 months, 12 months and above, baby wipes.
  • Clothes for babies and children, clothes and shoes, sleeping bags, blankets, gauntlets and raincoats for minors and adults.
  • bottled water, milk (condense and fresh), pasta, rice, legumes, sugar, flour, oil, coffee, canned food, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, kitchen paper rolls.
  • heart and other pathological medicine (not red line category or prescription medicine), antibiotics.
  • shovels and wire sweepers,  for floor cleaning  

For Donations the “help and Solidarity” Bank account set up by the Mandras Municipality:

Dimos Mandras-Eidyllias

key word “November 2017 Floods”

Account Number:  653 / 002392 – 28

IBAN: GR 82 0110 6530 0000 6530 0239 228

Swift Bank Code BIC: ETHNGRA

Mandra Municipality website

Str. Nikolaou Roka 45, Mandra Attica 19600

Extended working hours from Nov 18 until 30. Nov 2017: from 7 am until 8 pm daily and weekends

Telephone center: +30 2132014900 & 2132014912
Fax: 2132014952
e-mail: [email protected]

The number of dead reached 21 when one more body was recovered on Tuesday. One more person has been missing.

Efforts to locate the missing people continue.

There are still some ten people in Athens hospitals, they were injured during the flash floods of Nov 15. Most of them were almost drowned and/or hit by heavy items.


According to latest official data the number of houses and businesses destroyed by the flash floods has increased to 955 so far.

Inspections continue.

The water height reached up to 1.5-2 meters on the first day of the flash floods.

Read more on the Flash Floods in West Attica on Nob 15th 2017 here.

Please, cross-post and share. The people are in dire need. The flash floods poured in so suddenly and with such a force that many have lost everything, their homes, their households, even their ID cards…

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