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One more body recovered under the debris, death toll increases to 21

The body of a man was recovered from the mud and debris at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning. He was found near the stream close to the depot of the Mandra Municipality. In a machine-shop nearby two more bodies were recovered in the last days.

With the tragic discovery on Tuesday the number of people killed by the deadly flash floods on November 15th, increases to 21.

The body has been transferred to Thriasio hospital for identification procedures and autopsy.

It is suspected that the body belongs to a 30-year-old truck driver,  one of the last two missing persons the Search And Rescue teams of the Fire Service were still looking for on Monday night.

The driver’s family had been searching in the area as well, his father found the truck’s plate and some other items that belonged to his son yesterday, 1.5km away.

At 11 am, media reported the body was identified as the  missing truck driver.

Also the relatives of a missing hunter have been searching among tons of mud for their beloved one.

A week after the tragedy, twelve people remain hospitalized. Among them a 83-year-old woman is still in critical condition.

The locals keep cleaning up their damaged homes and wait for the emergency funds.

State officials conduct inspections, teams remove the loads of mud. The clean up of the area will need weeks.

When the night falls, residents patrol in the area in an effort to keep away looters. Police has reportedly arrested 13 people in the last three days.In six cases they were caught in action stealing devices and items from homes and businesses. Some of them are scrap collectors, others common thieves.

More than 1,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed by the flash floods , their owners could receive state compensation.

Until the money arrives, hundreds of locals depend on aid including soup kitchens. The water network is damaged and pipes pour undrinkable water, the power has not returned yet in the whole area.

How can you help?

Municipality of Mandra for money and item donations, food,water, baby items, and other to cover urgent needs. Bank account and contact information.

Help for the invisible victims of the floods: the many cats and dogs and other animals that managed to survive the flash foods even when heavily injured.

Bank account, Paypal and contact information.

Please, help!

Thank you!

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