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One Afghan stabbed to death, three injured in brawl on the island of Lesvos

One man was stabbed to death and three others were injured in a clash that erupted among Afghans in the village of Pamfila on the island of Lesvos late Sunday evening.

The brawl reportedly started in a house that was rented by Afghans some 4 km away from the Moria refugee camp.

According to local media, the brawl started around 6:30 Sunday evening and locals saw some 30 people to clash through the village streets.  Eye witnesses said that at some point “one man started to run away form the crowd, while another with a knife in his hands was chasing him.” He reportedly reached him after 300 meters and stabbed him several times on the chest. The man died while in the hospital.

The village streets were full of blood, local news website reports.

Another three people were injured taken to nearby health center. It is believed that more people were slightly injured but they fled to avoid detention.

Later on Sunday, a knife with blood traces and clothes soaked in blood were found in the yard of a house rented by Afghans.

The perpetrator was still at large on Monday morning.

Police has detained eleven Afghans who were all living in rented houses in the village.

The reason for the clash is still unknown.

The victim

According to athensnewsagency, the victim, an Afghan migrant, known with nickname “Habibi” had a police record. Together with a Greek, he was arrested for smuggling migrants from Turkey to Lesvos in summer 2015. He was recently released from prison. He was allegedly active in ‘leasing’ other Afghans for works in the fields.

Local said that many Afghans live in the village where they rent old houses instead of living inside the Moria camp.

Clashes among refugees and migrants take place are a frequent phenomenon on the islands that host more people that there are capacities for.

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