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EU official: Greece closing in on end of bailout years

A senior EU official says Greece is within reach of ending its Herculean bailout program which saved it from the brink of bankruptcy.

The official said Thursday that eurozone finance ministers meeting next week had “a great willingness to say that, basically, nearly everything had been done” to complete its latest bailout review, further paving the way to end the program next August.

 The official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because the ministers still had to meet next Monday, said that the disbursement of “between 6 and 7 billion” euros would start in the second half of February.

Greece’s massive debt pile and its struggles to deal with it have dominated the eurozone of 19 nations sharing the currency for most of the past decade. via associated press

PS I had thought the anonymous EU officials was a species that had died out after the second review….

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