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Where “the richest” and “the poorest” Greeks live: Per Capita GDP per Region

The average Gross Domestic Product per capita has decreased at € 16,294 in 2015 recording a decline of  0.7% when compared to 2014. At the same time, the ‘richest’ Greeks live in the prefecture of Attica around Athens, despite the continuing recession.

According to Greek Statistics authority ELSTAT, the richest region in Greece is Attica with an average € 22,192 per capita. However, the income decreased by 0.9% in 2017 when compared to 2014.

Second richest region is the South Aegean  with € 18,153 (+0.6 %), followed by Western Macedonia with € 15,642 (-4,2%) and the Ionian Islands with € 15,039 (+ 0,2%).

One of the poorest regions remains Epirus with €11.500 euros (-1.1%), while people in East Macedonia-Thrace have even lower income with 11.164 euros (-1.4%).

In Western Greece per capita income was 12.097 euros (-0.3 %), in Thessaly 12,393 (0%), in Central Macedonia with 12,557 (+ 0,3%), in North Aegean 12,582 (-2,3%), in Peloponnese 13,358 (+0, 5%), in Crete 13,912 euros (0%) and in Central Greece 14,117 (-0.4%).

Full ELSTAT report here in pdf English

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  1. GDP does not equal income.
    GDP is a measurement of a regions production, not earnings.

  2. Greece and the Greeks are also not the same thing. So while we hear European (and local) politicians endlessly crow that Greece is doing better (usually based on a variety of macroeconomic indicators), this “improvement” has not generally impacted the living conditions of the people who live in Greece. Another way of saying this is that while we are busy saving the nation (Greece), we are doing it by sacrificing its population (the Greeks).