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13-year-old girl gives birth to a healthy baby girl in Athens hospital

A 13-year-old girl delivered a healthy baby in the 37th week of pregnancy. The girl was in advanced labor when her mother took her to the Health Center of Lavrio, South-East Attica. After receiving first aid by a midwife and doctors, the girl was transferred  to a maternity hospital in Athens where she delivered her baby girl in the early morning hours of Wendesday.

The father of the baby is more or less at the same age of the young mother, and “they are almost like married” media report. The doctor who provided first aid in Lavrio told media it was not a case of rape.

The girl has been living together with the baby’s father in Xanthi, North-East Greece, and moved to her 35-year-old mother in Lavrio short before the labor.

The case became public after the Health Center of Lavrio issued a relevant statement.

Speaking to protothema, the baby’s grandmother said the father was 16 years old and that the two fell in love. Underlining that they are members of the Pomak community, the grandmother said “for us Muslims it is not rare that women deliver a baby at a young age, on the contrary girls give birth at even younger age.”

The case has stunned the Greek society, some people are even shocked.

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